The Americas are a vast region containing 35 countries. These are divided into various regions based on language, geography, and also history.

Since the bulk of nations south that the United claims speak, lock are frequently labeled Latin America or south America. However, there are much more subcategories, one of which is central America.

The inquiry is: is Mexico considered component of north America or main America?


Geographical Definitions

To know whether Mexico is component of main America or not, we require to first define areas in the Americas.

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Latin America

Many world think Latin America contains every nation south of the united States. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Latin America, while confined to the geographical region of the Americas, consists of only countries that:

speak a romantic language (, French, and also Portuguese) were (or are) rule by a nation that speaks a romantic language

To learn more, read our short article on the countries in Latin America!

North America

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, north America has all the countries from Canada and also Greenland to the Caribbean islands and down to Panama. The border between Panama and Colombia point out the Separation between North and also South America.

South America

The south American continent starts through the Panamanian-Colombian border and extends south to Chile and Argentina.

Central America

Central America is no a different continent, but a regional difference describing the isthmus the connects North and South America. This an ar is component of north America geographically, but it has actually its very own defining culture and history.

According to these definitions, main America is component of phibìc America. So, the question remains: “is Mexico part of central America?”

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Geographical and also Historical Influences

The brief answer come this concern is no. Mexico is not component of main America. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica:

“Central America, southernmost an ar of phibìc America, lying between Mexico and South America and also comprising Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize.”

But why no Mexico part of main America?



Central America is a connecting isthmus. This isthmus may be starts with the isthmus of Tehuantepec in Mexico (line 3 in the image below), i beg your pardon would typical that a small part of Mexico is in central America. Because that is just a tiny part of Mexico, the country is not component of central America.


As you have the right to see indigenous the image, the seven nations of central America share geography similarities. Virtually every nation has shores on both oceans, and also they are relatively small. They also have similar climates (tropics and mountains) and volcanic topography.


Just as central America shares a comparable climate and terrain, the region also has actually a unified history. In 1821, the main American countries, with the exemption of Panama, created the commonwealth Republic of main America. (Belize has been asserted as part of Guatemala on and off due to the fact that this time, so that was not a well-known state of the federal Republic.)

This Republic did not include Mexico, and also it actually linked with the realm of Mexico native 1822-1823. However, they quickly reestablished themselves as their very own entity. In 1840, the commonwealth Republic of main America came to be the independent countries we know today.

A similar But distinct History

The history of the commonwealth Republic of main America shows that if Mexico and central America share a typical language, over there has always been a distinction between the two areas.

If us go back to the native civilizations, the Aztec realm was completely located in contemporary Mexico. Also the mexico flag illustrates the influence the Aztecs have had actually on modern-day Mexican culture. The Mayan empire, though, stretched from the southernmost component of Mexico into central America. Even today, Guatemala is taken into consideration the love of the Mayan civilization. Because the beginning, there has actually been a distinction in ruling between Mexico and central America.

The same type of department can be seen during the centuries of rule. The split their kingdom into brand-new Spain (from the U.S. To the border the Panama) and brand-new Granada (from Panama to south America). Spain divided new Spain into various governing territories in contemporary Mexico and main America. (See map below.)

Even when Mexico and central America acquired independence native Spain, they did therefore separately. Currently divided under rule, the mexico Empire and the main American federation developed after each got independence.

Current social Differences

Even today, we have the right to see vast differences in between Mexico and central America.

1. Although central America is no much longer one country (plus Panama), there is still a feeling of unity among the nations.

Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua room all under the very same visa. This method that inhabitants of these nations do not require a passport to travel between countries. Foreigners can travel to these four countries on the very same visa without having to renew it.

2. Mexico is the only nation in Latin America that borders an English-speaking country (the joined States).

Because of this, Mexico has actually a distinctive political and cultural position. The US and also Mexico exchange elements of language, food, and also pop culture.

3. The issue of immigration gives Mexico a political identification all that is own.

The issues that Mexico deals with are not the very same as those the the main American nations face.

4. Since of Mexico’s huge size, the is a powerhouse of culture.

Mexican movies, music, television, and food circulation out the the country and influence the areas roughly them, including main America. Mexico and main America share social aspects due to Mexico’s social and economic power.

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Do Mexicans think about Themselves come Be main American?

In general, Mexicans execute not recognize themselves as being part of main America. For numerous years, there has been a difference between the peoples of main America and Mexico. As such, Mexico takes great pride in its unique society and history. Furthermore, share a border v an English-speaking nation creates impacts and social aspects that no other Latin American country has.

While central Americans deserve to travel freely in between countries in their region, the is more daunting to enter Mexico. They need a visa and interview process, which renders the distinction between main America and also Mexico very clear.

Learn the Language

Mexico and main America have actually rich, varied cultures and histories. Just imagine what rather there is to uncover in the remainder of Latin America! among the ideal ways come learn much more about a country or region is to discover the language castle speak. Try a complimentary trial class with among our amazing teachers from Guatemala. They deserve to teach you and also give you more insight right into the society and history of Latin America. ¡Aprendamos más sobre latinoamérica!