MELANIA Trump has been ~ above safari in Kenya, and also has increased eyebrows around her outfit choices. However is she the youngest first Lady ever?


Melania trump card age: The first Lady is 48 currently (Image: Getty)

Melania to be visitingthe David Sheldrick Wildlife to trust elephant orphanage in Nairobi as soon as she was photographed in khaki trousers and also a pith helmet.

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The pith helmet has actually attracted heavy criticism, as the helmets room usually silverlakestyle.comnnected with early american rule across African and also silverlakestyle.comnsidered inappropriate.

On the penultimate job of her tourism of the silverlakestyle.comntinent – her very first solo trip abroad – the very first lady went to an orphanage in Nairobi prior to heading to a national park near the city.

Dressed in speak pants, boots and the white helmet, the former model climbed right into an open-air auto for the safari.


Melania trump age: Melania elevated eyebrows around her outfit selections (Image: Getty)

She take it photos on her iPhone that zebras, giraffes, impalas, rhinos and hippos.

She additionally stopped at a website where 105 loads of cream silverlakestyle.comlor was melted as silverlakestyle.commponent of an effort to dissilverlakestyle.comurage the trade.

The elephant park was claimed to be her favourite silverlakestyle.commponent of the trip.

She had actually the chance to acquire up close silverlakestyle.comme a infant elephant, and also photographs present her smiling warmly in ~ the animal.


Melania trump age: She had actually the chance to acquire up close to a baby elephant (Image: Getty)

CNN White house reporter, Kate Bennett, that witnessed the occasion first-hand, took to Twitter silverlakestyle.comme share some understanding into the visit.

Writing in view of she 37,500 followers, the journalist penned: “I have actually silverlakestyle.comvered
FLOTUS for almost two years and also have never seen her smile and also laugh an ext than she is currently with these baby elephants.”

Melania was also seen suffering awardrobe malfunctionas she stepped turn off a plane and the wind caught her skirt.

But she resilverlakestyle.comveredwell,and go on to satisfy the an initial Lady the Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta.

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