First lady delayed moving from brand-new York for five monthsMelania supposedly said aim to be ‘taking treatment of Barron’


Melania Trump come at the White residence on 11 June 017 to begin her residence in Washington having actually delayed her relocate from brand-new York after she husband’s inauguration in January. Photograph: Getty Images
Melania Trump arrives at the White house on 11 June 017 to begin her residence in Washington having delayed her move from brand-new York after her husband’s inauguration in January. Photograph: Getty Images

Melania trump card delayed coming to the White residence after her husband Donald Trump won the 2016 election due to the fact that she to be renegotiating her prenuptial agreement, a brand-new book has claimed.

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The delay after Trump to be inaugurated in at an early stage 2017 to be officially defined as the very first lady not wanting come interrupt the schooling that the couple’s son, Barron, in brand-new York. It motivated a tide of media speculation the the couple’s marriage was strained and criticism that the high price of giving security for Melania and also Barron as they lived away native the White House.

But a brand-new book by the Washington post reporter mar Jordan, the which she newspaper acquired a pre-publication copy, claims another reason because that the hold-up in Melania moving right into the White home was a renegotiation of their pre-marital jae won agreement.

“Jordan expose … that the first lady was additionally using her delayed arrival to the White residence as leverage because that renegotiating her prenuptial covenant with chairman Trump,” a news report in the article said.

“The incoming very first lady required time to cool off, and also to amend her financial plan with trumped – what Melania described as ‘taking treatment of Barron’,” the report added.

The book, called The art of her Deal: The Untold Story the Melania Trump, is based on more than a hundreds interviews with world who know Melania from every phase of her life, from her childhood in Slovenia to her time in the White House.

The portrait that reportedly emerges native its 286 pages is an extremely different from the idea of Melania together a reluctant very first lady. Much from being shy and also retiring, she emerges together a force in her own right, backing her husband politically and determined to secure a place for Barron in the family business.

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“What increase is a photo of personal ambition comparable to Trump’s,” the write-up wrote.