President Donald Trump, with an initial lady Melania Trump and also their son Barron, come at the White house in Washington, Sunday, Aug. 19, 2018. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)


President Donald Trump freshly revealed to plan to authorize an executive order that would end birthright citizenship because that babies born in the United claims to parents that aren’t citizens. Go that put his own son at risk?

"Fun fact," beginning a article that appeared on on facebook on Nov. 1. "Barron Trump to be born in march 2006 and also Melania wasn’t a legitimate citizen until July 2006. For this reason under this executive, management order, his very own son i will not ~ be one American citizen."

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Let’s begin with Trump’s youngest child. Barron, who turned 12 on march 20, was certainly born in march 2006. His mother, Trump’s wife, Melania, is native Slovenia. She was functioning in brand-new York as a model and dating Trump once she used for a visa in 2000, follow to the BBC. She secured a environment-friendly card when her applications was authorized the adhering to year. On in march 20, 2006, she provided birth come Barron in brand-new York and she came to be a U.S. Citizen 4 months later in July 2006.

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The news about Trump targeting birthright citizenship was reported through Axios, which is airing an exclude, interview with the chairman today, Nov. 4. A story including excerpts of that conversation was published on Axios’ website top top Oct. 30, and while the post discusses when Trump has the power to usage an executive, management order, the doesn’t describe what, exactly, together an order would certainly say in this case.

On the campaign trail in 2015, trump card pitched a plan to end birthright citizenship for youngsters of illegal immigrants. However we don’t yet know the details of a potential executive, management order to end birthright citizenship, including whether it would use to children with one parent who is a citizen and another that isn’t.

The 14th modification of the U.S. Constitution guarantees that "all persons born or naturalized in the joined States, and subject come the jurisdiction thereof, room citizens the the unified States and also the state wherein lock reside."

The revised was validated in 1868 and also was intended to expand citizenship to previous slaves who’d been freshly freed adhering to the civil War. The amendment goes on come forbid states from denying anyone "life, liberty or property, without due process of law" or come "deny to any type of person in ~ its jurisdiction the equal defense of the laws."

Barron Trump, that was born top top U.S. Soil, is a citizens of the United claims both since of the 14th Amendment and regardless of it: had actually he to be born abroad, he would certainly still be thought about a citizen. The U.S. Citizenship and also Immigration Services has a policy that a kid born exterior of the United says becomes a citizens at bear if at that time one parent is a foreign national and the various other is a U.S. Citizens who has actually been physically current in the nation for in ~ least 5 years, consisting of at the very least two years after that person turned 14.

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Legal scholars and also Trump movie critics have wondered about whether Trump has unilateral authority to do an executive, management order that would be in direct contrast with the 14th Amendment.