MEGHAN MARKLE did no renounce her united state citizenship in stimulate to store a route to national politics open and would think about running because that president, a source claims.

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Meghan Markle crawl to run for us president (Image: Splash)


Prince Harry and also Meghan Markle live in Los Angeles (Image: Getty)

However, another source has disputed insurance claims Meghan will pursue a job in politics.

Since stepping back from she senior role in the royal Family, she and also her husband Prince bother have end up being increasingly affiliated in politics discussions and also urged american to vote in the upsilverlakestyle.comming united state election.

But follow to those who work with the Duchess she has actually no intentions of to run for office.

A resource added: “While there’s no denying she is interested and also engaged in politics as a topic, she harbours no ambitious to enter a career in politics herself.”

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The pair have urged us voters front of election (Image: PA)

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During their speech in a Time 100 video, the silverlakestyle.comuple urged people to “reject dislike speech” v Meghan adding it’s the “most important election of our lifetime”.

Harry said: “As we method this November, it’s an important we refuse hate speech, misinformation and also online negativity.”

Meghan then added: “We’re 6 weeks the end from the election, and also today is Voter it is registered Day.

“Every four years, we’re called the exact same thing, ‘This is the most essential election of our lifetime’.

DON"T MISSMeghan Markle can"t it is in stripped of royal title unless Harry is tooPrince take care of supports facebook boysilverlakestyle.comtt in spite of love-in for InstagramCalls because that Meghan Markle to it is in stripped of HRH fall "wide the mark"


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle timeline (Image: silverlakestyle.silverlakestyle.comm)

“But this one is. As soon as we vote, our values room put into action, and our voices room heard.”

Many viewers believed Meghan and also Harry’s speech was in support of grandfather Biden, a source close silverlakestyle.comme the pair denied any kind of reference to any presidential candidate.

They said: “The fight it out was talking about the ton of dispute in the run-up to an choice which is already quite febrile.

“He is no talking around any candidate or details campaign.


US Presidential candidate Joe Biden (Image: Getty)

“He is building on a most stuff that he’s said before about online silverlakestyle.commmunities, exactly how we interact with each various other online, quite than specifically making any type of political points.”

The Queen and her household are believed to have distanced themselves from Harry’s silverlakestyle.commments speak the “Duke is not a functioning member of the royal family”.

Buckingham royal residence said his silverlakestyle.commments were “made in a personal capacity”.

President Donald Trump stated he is no a “fan” on Meghan and also wished take care of a “lot the luck”.


Donald Trump not a fan of Meghan Markle (Image: PA)

He said the daily Mail: “I’m no a pan of hers.

“I would say this - and also she has probably heard that - i wish a many luck to Harry due to the fact that he’s walking to require it.”

This was no Meghan’s very first attempt at obtaining voters silverlakestyle.comme the ballots.

Last month, the Duchess the Sussex urged us voters silverlakestyle.comme make sure they cast their ballot during a passionate speech.

However, she plea was met with anger as members that the brother Royal family members - although no barred from voting - decide no to exercise their right in order to stay neutral.

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