A year after the anchor to be ousted native NBC, Charlize Theron bring her back as someone who assisted take top top Fox News indigenous the inside.

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Charlize Theron, as Megyn Kelly, v Liv Hewson, as Lily Balin, in the movie “Bombshell.”Credit...Hilary B Gayle/Lionsgate

Megyn Kelly last appeared on NBC much more than a year ago, trying to contain an uproar over on-air remarks about blackface the ultimately lugged her tenure in ~ the network to an abrupt, unhappy end.

In a couple of weeks’ time, she will make a return — the sorts.

On Jan. 5, NBC will certainly broadcast the 2020 gold Globes, wherein Charlize Theron will certainly walk the red carpet as a leading nominee for her portrayal of Ms. Kelly in the movie “Bombshell,” a dramatized account that the Fox News chairman i get it Ailes’s downfall that puts Ms. Kelly center stage.

Viewers will certainly be cure to clips of Ms. Theron’s uncanny rendition that Ms. Kelly — the actress captures, v startling precision, the vocal tics and also lawyerly cadences of the former Fox News anchor — in a performance that created awards buzz even before the film opened on Friday in new York and Los Angeles. (Its vast release starts next Friday.)

But therefore far, Ms. Kelly has shown small interest in weighing in on her big-screen doppelgänger.

She did not participate in the make of the movie — which to be directed by Jay Roach indigenous a manuscript by Charles Randolph — and she and also Ms. Theron have never spoken. Ms. Kelly attended a screening the “Bombshell” in brand-new York last month, according to two human being familiar through the event, but made no windy remarks around it.

Ms. Kelly decreased to comment because that this article. ~ above Friday, in one Instagram post, she composed that city hall “Bombshell” to be “an exceptionally emotional suffer for me,” and also that she had actually seen the film “once it was previous the point of any feasible edits, though there are certainly some i would have made.”

Her quietude may be strategic. Behind the scenes, Ms. Kelly is pondering a route ago into the national media, according to several world who asked for anonymity in describing personal conversations v the anchor.

In recent weeks, Ms. Kelly has begun to re-emerge. After months of connecting primarily via Twitter, she showed up on Tucker Carlson’s prime-time show in October — to the chagrin of many of Mr. Carlson’s Fox News partner — and has posted 2 self-produced interviews to she Instagram account, consisting of one v the residence minority leader, Representative Kevin McCarthy.

Recent advancements at Fox News

Still, these appearances space a much cry indigenous Ms. Kelly’s previous perch as a daily presence in American living rooms, an initial in element time on Fox News and then, less successfully, in the 9 a.m. Hour the NBC’s “Today.” on Fox News, she regularly attracted two million to 3 million viewers a night; her Instagram videos have actually received a small fraction of that.

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Ms. Kelly’s portrayal in “Bombshell” might return the anchor to public consciousness, and also the depiction is, ~ above balance, a optimistic one. Ms. Theron’s Kelly is a tack-sharp anchor that presses Donald J. Trump on his sexism throughout a significant debate, puts up with verbal abuse native right-wing trolls (and newsroom colleagues) and also ultimately comes forward about being harassed by Mr. Ailes, a testimonial that seals the once-invincible TV king fate.