One of the most iconic and also longstanding couples in the television sector is none various other than Connie Chung and Maury Povich. The power pair has to be married because that 36 years as of this writing, and they re-publishing a son, Matthew, who they adopted in 1995, every Closer Weekly.

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Chung, a veteran journalist, an initial met Maury star Povich once they were both functioning in the news room of WTTG in Washington, D.C, as they called Megyn Kelly throughout an episode of the now-defunct, that Megyn Kelly TODAY. Back then, Chung remarked the Povich to be "a big star in Washington, D.C" when she was simply a "copy person." Chung walk on to become a pioneer for ladies journalists, and also Povich"s talk show is now going top top its 24th season as of this writing.

The two have both had actually impressive careers that their very own in journalism and also television, however what is maybe even much more incredible is your successful, lengthy marriage. While the Maury present is most renowned for exposing adultery, taking care of wild teenagers, and also revealing the results of paternity tests, to surname a few dramas, Chung and also Povich"s marital relationship is rather the opposite. In fact, it"s delightfully boring, as confirmed by Povich"s one gripe around Chung. "Connie is never on time," the joked come People. 

So, what is the secret behind your happy marriage, which started in December 1984? check out on to learn all about what renders this powerhouse couple such a great one.

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Just watching Connie Chung and also Maury Povich execute interviews together, it is noticeable they both have actually a great sense that humor and also like come poke funny at every other. "Both Maury and also I don"t take it ourselves seriously," Chung told Closer Weekly. "People in our service in television news room ridiculous. They end up being bigger than life in their very own minds. And also you can"t fit their heads in Madison Square Garden!"

Despite the pressures the come with getting to their level of success in the tv industry, the is clear they quiet know just how to have fun and also keep things light. Throughout an April 2018 illustration on Megyn Kelly TODAY, hold Megyn Kelly joked that the two of them are a "stand-up comedy routine." She recounted a time as soon as Chung jokingly inquiry Povich who his celebrity partner in a celebrity golfing competition was, poking funny at his condition as the "celebrity." Chung gets an A+ for that hilarious burn in ours humble opinion!

The antics don"t prevent there, though. Throughout a November 2015 interview with the Television Academy Foundation discussing exactly how they met, Chung quipped, "He never paid any attention come me, ns was walking around in miniskirts and also everything. And nothing." However, things changed around the moment that Povich obtained divorced and fired from KNXT in Los Angeles, wherein he co-anchored the news with Chung. Povich sarcastically said, "I constantly say the the key to Connie Chung"s heart is very first she need to pity you and also then she have the right to love you."

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Being in the same field is no reason for compete between Connie Chung and Maury Povich, and also the pair is very supportive of one another"s career.

For Chung, it was difficult to break right into an sector that was, in ~ the time, almost entirely male-dominated. Chung to be the second-ever mrs to co-anchor a network newscast, Fox News noted. During a February 2018 segment of Watch What happens Live with Andy Cohen that the pair did, Chung admitted to gift sexually harassed every day when she first started her journey of ending up being an anchor. Chung revealed during Megyn Kelly TODAY that sexual harassment was, unfortunately, the climate back then, which recent allegations and scandals have shown is still an concern in newsrooms. Povich has constantly been donate of Chung"s sassy, fierce strategy to fending off sexual advances, though. He claimed on the show, "Connie was good because when the males in the business would hit on she she would say "You"re not an excellent looking enough."" Clearly, Chung"s wit is never in short supply.

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Chung is equally together supportive of Povich"s career. In 2013, Chung surprised she husband on Maury"s 2,500th episode by popping out of a cake to celebrate the feat, USA Today reported. The couple even merged their talents and also hosted Weekends v Maury and also Connie before it got canceled in 2006. It is for sure to speak Povich and Chung are an excellent examples of success both professionally and also personally, and we hope they continue to remain strong.