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Ann Curry interviewing Jill Biden in 2012. Allison Joyce/Getty images
Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie announced live on air that Matt Lauer had been terminated native his task over allegations of sexual harassment. The is the recent in a slew the high-powered males in media to have actually fallen after together allegations have emerged, including Roger Ailes, Charlie Rose, note Halperin, and Glenn Thrush.

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And just like the others, amongst the numerous questions neighboring Lauer’s allegations, one persists: What around the women who didn’t do it while that did? once the news about Lauer’s firing from Today broke Wednesday morning, it was tough not to think earlier to another anchor who left the show: Ann Curry.

Lauer, the 20-year NBC News veteran, reportedly orchestrated Curry’s ouster together Today co-host in 2012, a clues she deserve after an ext than a decade as the morning show’s newsreader.

Curry isn’t the only woman who career top top the morning news display was stunted when Lauer acquired to rod around; Tamron Hall and also Natalie Morales also lost their jobs during his tenure. It also sounds prefer there are an ext allegations waiting in the wings.

RaminSetoodeh & I had been working on a Matt Lauer story for months and NBC was aware. There are multiple females we"ve talked to through far-ranging accusations against Lauer. The strength of journalism has never been more evident through this social change.

— Elizabeth Wagmeister (
EWagmeister) November 29, 2017

Lauer had actually been a continuous presence in ~ Today since coming to be co-anchor in 1997, even as his female counterparts have actually rotated — there to be Katie Couric as his co-anchor, climate Meredith Vieira, Curry, and finally Guthrie.

Today had combated hard to store Lauer around. He is just one of the highest-paid men on television, reportedly signing a new $20 million-a-year contract with NBC critical year.

“How carry out you reconcile her love because that someone with the revelation that they have behaved badly?” Guthrie claimed on Wednesday. “I do recognize that this reckoning the so plenty of organizations have been going v is important, and long overdue, and also it must result in workplaces where all women — all people — feel respected.”

“Boys’ club” society was at the heart of Ann Curry’s Today ouster

Curry invested years as the Today show’s newsreader. She was passed over because that the co-anchor duty upon Couric’s exit in 2006, which rather went to Vieira, climate a co-host that The View. As soon as Vieira exited in 2011, it was lastly Curry’s rotate to take it over.

According come Brian Stelter in the brand-new York time Magazine, Curry’s hiring had an ext to carry out with Lauer 보다 it did through her. Network executives, worried the Lauer’s contract was collection to expire and Curry can go to competitors if she to be again passed over, decided to save her top top in situation Lauer left.

Stelter likewise described a “boys’ club” environment at Today that was specifically hostile towards Curry:

Many executives in ~ the network never grasped exactly how profoundly hurt and humiliated Curry stayed — not just by her televised dismissal yet by every the backstage machinations that caused that fateful morning. Curry felt the the boys’ club setting behind the scene at “Today” undermined she from the start, and also she said friends that her last months to be a kind of professional torture. The growing indifference of Matt Lauer, her co-host, had actually hurt the most, however there was likewise just a general meanness top top set. At one point, the executive, management producer, Jim Bell, i was delegated a blooper reel that Curry’s worst on-air mistakes. An additional time, follow to a producer, Bell called staff members right into his office to present a gaffe she made throughout a cross-talk v a local station. (Bell denies both incidents.) Then numerous boxes of Curry’s belongings ended up in a coat closet, together if she had already been booted turn off the premises. One staff human recalled that “a most time in the manage room was spent making fun of Ann’s outfit selections or just normally messing v her.” top top one memorable spring morning, Curry wore a glowing yellow dress that spawned snarky compare to huge Bird. The staff human being said that others in the control room, which consisted of 14 men and also 3 women, follow to mine head count one morning, Photoshopped a snapshot of big Bird beside Curry and also asked co-workers to poll on “Who wore the best?”

Curry lasted as Today co-anchor for only a year, in big part, reportedly, because of a cold connection with Lauer. Indigenous Joe Hagan in new York magazine:

…Lauer wasn’t trying hard enough to make it job-related with Curry since he merely didn’t choose her. Turn off air, Curry and also Lauer had actually no relationship and also barely spoke. When she started, Curry had asked Lauer out for lunch to obtain advice, yet Lauer appeared to traction his feet scheduling it and Curry felt the didn’t market much. With Couric and Vieira, Lauer can be an easygoing right man; v Curry, who threw off his rate and likewise threatened his prominence of the hard-news stories, he can often watch sour.

In Curry’s tearful on-air goodbye in June 2012, her tense partnership with Lauer was obvious.

Curry isn’t the just Today woman come be displayed the exit throughout Lauer’s tenure while that was preserved around.

Tamron Hall, who had been through NBC and also MSNBC since 2007 and also co-hosted the 3rd hour that Today with Al Roker, left the show earlier this year after she slot was provided to former Fox News hold Megyn Kelly.

Hall, Today’s first black color female co-host, departed the network in spite of being invited to remain on together a nationwide anchor. Her replacement, Kelly, has struggled to prosper into her Today spot and also is off to a sluggish start in the ratings.

Hall has actually yet to react publicly to Lauer’s firing yet has commented on Harvey Weinstein. She signed a address the Weinstein company for a daytime talk show prior to decades of sexual harassment allegations versus the Hollywood executive, management emerged, and also spoke with HuffPost around the matter in October. “It’s a woman’s worst nightmare to it is in in a instance where you think someone much more powerful has control over her life,” she said.

Hall said she to be working with her agents on next steps.

Kelly ~ above Wednesday reaction to Lauer’s firing during her hour that Today. “This one does struggle close come home,” stated Kelly, who has said she encountered sexual harassment from i get it Ailes and also Bill O’Reilly as soon as she to be at Fox News. She added, “We don’t check out the career avenues women lose due to the fact that of sex-related harassment or the intense stress it reasons a woman handling it once she pertains to work every day.”

Natalie Morales’s 2016 move from new York come Los Angeles was also linked come Lauer in the rumor mill. Page Six reported her relocate to the West shore to host Access Hollywood was the result of one affair through Lauer unable to do sour. Both Morales and Lauer vehemently denied the rumors, as did NBC.

Still, the is informing that it was Morales who exited the show amid rumors, not Lauer. Morales wound up in ~ a much less prestigious, visible project while Lauer, unfazed, stayed atop Today.

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While Curry, Hall, and also Morales are the many public instances of women that left your Today jobs if Lauer retained his, that is impossible to know if they room the just ones in a similar situation. The identity of the human being whose accusations resulted in Lauer’s ouster is unknown, yet NBC News chair Andy Lack’s statement argues it might not have actually been a one-off incident. “While the is the first complaint around his actions in the over twenty years he"s gone to NBC News, we were also presented with reason to believe this might not have actually been an isolated incident,” he said.

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