Unless you’ve been completely avoiding the internet during quarantine, you have certainly seen the faces of Mat and also Savanna Shaw. This daddy-daughter duo is catching the mind of people approximately the human being with their uplifting musical covers. Their story is miraculous and also they just released their an initial single on every streaming platforms. Let’s get to recognize them!

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How did the start?

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Savanna demonstrate is a 15-year-old student from the Kaysville, Utah, area who sings in her school’s choir. She just recently created an Instagram account to save in touch v her friends during the pandemic. Through school and choir practice canceled, she wanted to view what they were up to.

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For her very first post, she wanted to sing “The Prayer.” However, as result of nerves, Savanna asked she dad, Mat Shaw, to aid out. Together, castle recorded and also posted their cover of the beautiful song to Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

“After recording (‘The Prayer’) and then listening come it, us were like, ‘Wow, we really have similar voices, and also our vibrato is similar. It’s this similar tone the really you have the right to only gain from genetics. … Performing through my daughter is like beyond my wildest dreams.” ~ Mat Shaw

Over the next few days, the views on their video clip kept walking up and also up. Together of now, it has over 6 million views! The civilization was in awe of their incredible talent. Here’s the cover, just in situation you let go it:

What occurred next?

In much less than a month, Mat and Savanna Shaw had surpassed 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. They to be in shock! her ears deserve to now be blessed with more than 15 consist of by the duo.

This father and daughter have additionally been interviewed by an excellent Morning America and also “The Kelly Clarkson Show!” During another interview v executive producer Ken Davenport, they were surprised v tickets to check out Phantom of the Opera top top Broadway when COVID-19 is finally over.

“I think if ns would’ve known how huge it would certainly get, I more than likely would’ve been a lot more nervous. I’m sort of glad ns didn’t know that.” ~ Mat Shaw

Mat and Savanna have also had the chance to record and release their first single, “Bridge over Troubled Water,” because that streaming communication everywhere. While your recording studio may simply be Mat’s closet and also a microphone, they tho sound amazing.

Behind the Scenes

Savanna is the earliest of the 4 youngsters in she family. Easton is the next oldest (13), adhered to by Eric (10), and finally Pennie Jean (6). Mat is happy married to Brooke Shaw. They are an active family that really enjoys running. Lock are likewise faithful members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Mat served his mission because that the Church in the Philippines.

No, the duo room not skilled singers. Mat always had a dream of being on Broadway but ended up obtaining a level in accountancy from Weber State university to carry out for his family. Savanna has always been shy about the spotlight. However, this platform to share your music is other they room both an extremely grateful for.

“I’ve looked as much as my dad and also his singing and what he deserve to do with it, because that my totality life. So, the been amazing to be able to sing v him.” ~ Savanna Shaw

Both Mat and also Savanna Shaw take it voice great to boost their skills. However, castle didn’t start singing together until just a pair of months ago. To make their covers, they have actually a household friend that creates the piano arrangements for them. Together, they make a great team.

Their Goals

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With the COVID-19 pandemic and other stresses about the civilization right now, this daddy-daughter duo has actually one goal in mind: To spread out hope and also joy. They desire to song messages of light and also love. Ns personally think they are doing an amazing job.

“It way a lot simply to be able to be in a position now — particularly in the times the we’re enduring with this pandemic — to have the ability to share these messages the hope and encouragement through music. Never ever in a million dreams would we have ever before thought the our music would have actually this sort of impact. That’s to be the finest part.” ~ Mat Shaw

It really have the right to feel dark and depressing when you review the news these days. The Shaw family members hopes come brighten increase the resides of your followers. They have actually received many messages that gratitude so far!

As for the future, no one knows what it holds. Mat and Savanna don’t understand if one album or tour will happen any type of time soon. Appropriate now, they are perfectly content v blessing resides through their YouTube channel. I ordered it to them over there or monitor them on on facebook or Instagram to save updated.

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“I want to be able to give world hope and also I desire to have the ability to let them know that things room really tough right now however I really perform think they’re walk to be okay,” Savanna said. “I think if we all just work together it’s going to make things a lot far better for every one of us.”

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What other Latter-day Saint musicians space you loving appropriate now? permit us understand in the comment below!

Update: pan can assist Mat and also Savanna make an ext music videos and recordings through joining TheShawFam, i m sorry is powered by Patreon. You can likewise contact Mat and Savanna at 447N 300W Suite #2; Kaysville, Utah 84037.