A new study finds that those who have actually suffered a heart attack can more than likely return to sexual task without fear it will trigger one more one.

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For heart assault survivors, there’s an excellent news and also bad news: sexual activity, including masturbation, does no seem to touch turn off heart strikes in patients with created cardiovascular disease, and also need not be avoided by those who have currently suffered a heart attack.

The negative news, because that men, at least: countless of the drugs that defend those who’ve had actually a heart attack from suffering one more - consisting of beta blockers and diuretics - could increase the odds that erectile dysfunction.

Amid prevalent confusion about what advice heart assault survivors need to get around sex, a testimonial letter published this main in the journal of the American university of Cardiology uses grounds for optimism.

It reports top top a study that tracked the sex-related patterns the 536 patients who gone into a rehabilitation program adhering to a myocardial infarction. The patient reported on how regularly they generally had sex before their love attack and also whether castle had engaged in sexual activity within a few hours of having suffered your cardiac crisis.

Those whose heart attack followed sexual activity by less than one hour numbered just three - around .7% the the 438 indigenous whom such data to be collected. An additional seven - around 1.5% - report having had actually sex 3 to 5 hours prior to their love attack.

“It seems an extremely unlikely that sexual task is a relevant trigger of myocardial infarction in this population,” concluded the researchers, who space based in ~ Ulm college in Germany.

Over the next 10 years, researchers maintained track of just how many and also which study participants walk on to suffer another heart attack, deadly or otherwise. They did not collect info of sexual task from participants, however assumed, as research suggests, that many patients who were sexually active before a heart strike resume having sex.

The findings suggest that those that had more sex before their first heart attack are much less likely come suffer another one. Heart patients who had actually reported sexual task one or much more times every week were less than fifty percent as most likely to suffer an additional heart attack over the next 10 years than were those who had actually reported sexual task less often than once a week.

That could be because those men and women who were having much more frequent sex were healthier to begin with. They were on mean younger, less likely come have kind 2 diabetes, and also to have less severe blood-vessel blockage, than those whose sex-related activity, pre-heart-attack, had been infrequent.

But the evidence does not, in any event, imply that having sex is a danger for those who’ve endured a heart attack.

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Sexual activity, speak the authors, isn’t an especially stressful to the heart. It requires physical task roughly equivalent to climbing two sets of stairs, or taking a brisk walk. So unless a patient experiences distress at 3 to five “metabolic equivalents” - a relatively low level of physical exertion - sex after a heart assault is more than likely pretty safe, the authors write.