Senator john Warner at the commissioning that the USS Cheyenne in ~ the Norfolk marine base. Beth Bergman / The Virginian-Pilot (BETH BERGMAN/THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT)

1949 – Graduates from Washington & Lee University through a B.S. Degree, enters college of Virginia regulation School.

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1953-54 – Completes his law degree at U.Va. And works as a regulation clerk in the U.S. Court that Appeals because that the ar of Columbia.

1956 – Appointed an assistant U.S. Attorney and also serves 4 years in the trial and appellate divisions.

1957 – Marries Catherine Conover Mellon, heir to the bank Mellon household fortune. The marriage produces 3 children, Virginia, Mary, and also John Warner IV.

1978 – after a largely self-financed campaign, directly loses GOP Senate nomination come Richmond lawyer Richard Obenshain in early June. Obenshain dies in a plane crash 2 months later and Republicans nominate Warner, who wins choice in November through fewer than 5,000 votes; it was the the next U.S. Senate challenge ever in Virginia.

1981 – Elizabeth Taylor and John Warner different after five years that marriage. Divorce finalized in 1982.

1990 – Wins 3rd Senate term, getting 81 percent that the vote against independent Nancy B. Spannaus, a follower of political extremist lyndon H. LaRouche Jr.

1994 – Bucks fellow Republicans and refuses to ago retired marine Lt. Col. Oliver north in project for the state"s second Senate seat. Warner recruits previous Virginia Attorney basic Marshall Coleman to run as an independent, resulting in a separation in the GOP vote and also the re-election of Democrat chuck Robb.

1996 – After turning back a Republican primary difficulty from previous federal budget director James C. Miller III, Warner defeats autonomous candidate note Warner (no relation) come secure his 4th term, win 52 percent that the vote.

1999 – In what that calls "the many serious vote" that his career, renders separation verdict in the impeachment psychological of President invoice Clinton, sustaining conviction top top one count, acquittal top top another. Profit long-coveted chairmanship that the Senate armed Services Committee.

2002 – Wins his 5th Senate term, beating independent candidates Nancy Spannaus and also Jacob Hornberger.

2005 – becomes the second-longest serving U.S. Senator native Virginia in the 218-year history of the Senate.

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