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Wende Correctional FacilityMark David Chapman jail record


Wende Correctional FacilityMark David Chapman jail record

Chapman has actually been eligible for parole 11 times, and also 11 time he to be denied. His most recent special amnesty hearing remained in August, 2020. His following parole hearing is in august 2022, follow to his inmate listing.

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At his most recent parole hearing, he stated he deserved the fatality penalty, according to, and called his own actions “creepy” and “despicable.” He claimed he killed Lennon for fame.

“I assassinated the .. Since he to be very, very, very famous and that’s the just reason and I was very, very, very, really much search self-glory. Really selfish,” he said.

He claimed he frequently thinks around Lennon’s wife, Yoko Ono, and around the job he eliminated Lennon. Earlier that day, the asked Lennon come autograph his album, “Double Fantasy.”

9 Oct 1940: The Beatles" john #Lennon is born in #Liverpool, England. He was killed by note David #Chapman in brand-new York City on December 8, 1980. #TheBeatles #NYC #history #ad

— this day In background (
URDailyHistory) October 10, 2020

“He was actually sort to me the day,” he said.

Chapman told the parole plank he would have “no complain whatsoever” if the spends the remainder of his life in prison.

“I deserve zero, nothing. At the moment I deserved the death penalty. When you knowingly plot someone’s murder and also know it’s wrong and also you carry out it for yourself, that’s a fatality penalty ideal there, in my opinion,” he said.

Chapman remains Married to His Wife, Gloria Abe, & continues to be in a new York State jail in 2020

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Mark David Chapman (born may 10, 1955) is the criminal who murdered #JohnLennon, formerly of the #Beatles, outside Lennon"s apartment at the #Dakota, in #Manhattan, top top December 8, 1980.


— Outosego (
outosego) October 9, 2020

Gloria Abe married Chapman in 1979, a small less than two years before he killed Lennon. Abe and Chapman stay married, and also she paris 5,000 mile from Hawaii come visit that in prison, according to Biography. She has said that she really hopes Ono can forgive Chapman.

Abe opened up up to the day-to-day Mail around their love life and also atypical marriage in 2014, saying Chapman arranged because that conjugal visits whereby they spend 44 hrs together in a trailer every year. There, they have actually sex and pizza, and watch Wheel of Fortune, she said.

In Hawaii, note Chapman met a Japanse-American woman called Gloria Abe. The married she on 2 June 1977.

— Prof candid McDonough (
FXMC1957) December 8, 2013

“The first thing I execute is kiss Mark. They allow us to execute that. We space a loving couple,” she said. “On the visits, I bring the food and also Mark and also I do a homemade pizza. Us lay out all the ingredient – peppers, tomatoes, onions and also cheeses due to the fact that Mark likes crunchy snacks yet he doesn’t eat unhealthy things. There is a television and we watch many episodes of Wheel of Fortune.”

At the time, the was working three work in prison, which aided him through his suicidal thoughts. His Wende Correctional basic inmate document does not say even if it is he is still working in the prison.

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Abe called the everyday Mail she think Chapman and also Paul McCartney would get along well, and also that she trust Chapman and also Lennon will certainly be “reunited in heaven.” She claimed she feels sad when she hears a Beatles song, and hopes she “can satisfy John in heaven.”

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Mark David Chapman came to be one that the most notorious killers in background after gunning under John Lennon external his new York apartment ~ above December 8, 1980.