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Marijuana use, both recreationally and also medicinally, is a glowing period on the country political radar screen. 2 states, Washington and Colorado, voted to legalize recreational usage of the drug last year, and also other says are contemplating following.

The very same is true in Oregon, whereby as numerous as three marijuana-related efforts may be heading toward the November ballot.

The claim:

U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, on his main website, provides clear whereby he stands. The Oregon Democrat supports regulation that would enable states come enact marijuana regulations without federal interference, eliminate the ban on commercial hemp and also "allow the marijuana market to operate in a normal company environment."

Among the insurance claims tucked under the heading "The Facts about Marijuana" is this: "Marijuana is less addictive than both alcohol and tobacco."

Plenty has actually been written around all three substances, yet with Oregon possibly facing one or much more pot measures on the ballot this November, we decided to check out if Blumenauer is right around marijuana’s addictive qualities.

The analysis:

We emailed Blumenauer’s office to ask about its resources for the claim. Spokesman Patrick Malone responded through a statement speak in part, "We certainly always need more research ~ above marijuana and also its medicine properties," but he available no sourcing.

Next we dug right into’s database and also found several cases that, when not specifically on point, included to our understanding.

In one, man Morgan, the high-profile Florida lawyer leading an initiative to legalize clinical marijuana in the Sunshine State, stated "nobody’s addicted" to marijuana. Once contacted through, Morgan corrected himself, saying, "It was a large mistake. Ns sorry and also I messed up."

Experts contacted for that story agreed the marijuana have the right to be addictive. Morgan’s claim was rated False.

In another, a pro-pot group, additionally in Florida, claimed marijuana is "less toxic" than alcohol. The insurance claim was rated greatly True.

Finally, there was a insurance claim in Massachusetts that "today’s marijuana is 300 percent come 800 percent more potent 보다 the pot that yesteryear." It was rated True.

So, yes, marijuana have the right to be addictive; yes, it’s much less toxic 보다 alcohol; and, yes, it’s much stronger 보다 previous strains of the drug.

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We referred to as Dr. J. Wesley Boyd, a faculty member in ~ Harvard medical School and a recognized experienced on seeks issues. Narrowly construed, the said, what Blumenauer post on his website is correct -- marijuana is less addictive than both alcohol and also tobacco.