‘There’s pains on those pages’ St. Pete City board of directors votes come accept results of structural racism study

Democratic strategists wasted no time eyeing their next prize after former Vice president Joe Biden was asserted President-elect Saturday morning, beating Republican president Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

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Democratic strategist Ben Pollara launched the Retire Rubio website, super PAC and a revitalized Twitter account, which seeks to eliminate U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio native office as soon as he is up for reelection in 2022.

The campaign has more than 13,000 pendant on Twitter, despite the account has been active since might of 2019.

Pollara explains the campaign as an effort “to singularly emphasis on defeating this weak, sad, disappointing and missing Senator in 2022.”

The group’s first ad, titled “Little Marco,” features Trump himself questioning Rubio’s electability and also former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, also a vault presidential contender, skewering Rubio’s absences in the Senate.

It recycles a nickname because that Rubio coined four years earlier by Trump when he challenged Rubio in a crowded GOP major in that year’s presidential election.

“In choice after election, Marco Rubio has actually skated by without being hosted accountable for his extremism and also corruption in the Senate. For years, Marco’s projects have to be bankrolled by large Oil, large Pharma, the NRA, and wall surface Street, for this reason if we’re going come be successful in taking them on, we have to obtain started early,” the website reads.

“That’s why ~ above the heels the the 2020 election and Marco’s aid in ramming v Amy Coney Barrett’s check to the can be fried Court, Retire Rubio is developing to take on Marco Rubio’s hyper-partisanship and also failed leadership. We room a grassroots-funded company solely dedicated to acquisition on Marco Rubio and also supporting his eventual democratic opponent because that Senate in 2022,” the continues.

The website walk on to explain Rubio together a politician “singularly devoted to advancing his very own political job — not the understanding of everyday Floridians.”

The website contains a connect to contribute to the cause and a sign-up to receive email updates.


Pollara has actually a many Florida successes, which he hopes to build upon with this campaign. Those incorporate this year’s successful press to advanced Florida’s minimum fairy to $15 an hour by 2026, which to be Amendment 2 top top Tuesday’s ballot. He also worked on Miami Rep. Nick Duran’s successful reelection come a 3rd term, previously functioned on agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried’s 2018 campaign and also was component of the leadership team the ushered in medical marijuana in 2016 via constitution amendment.

“Marco Rubio has an appalling history of fixed ever showing up for occupational — and of siding with wall Street, corporate polluters, big sugar and the NRA — over the world of ours state. Retire Rubio’s chief objective is to focus like a laser on tiny Marco’s failures and also to ultimately defeat that in 2022,” Pollara said.

Nick Merlino, taken into consideration a climbing star in democratic politics, is also working ~ above the pensioner Rubio campaign. Merlino, this year, regulated a congressional project in Texas and also previously functioned with Pollara on clinical marijuana.

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Dave Jacobson, a former CNN politics commentator, and Mac Zilber, both Democratic ad makers and also co-founders of the award-winning politics media for sure J&Z Strategies, will certainly serve as Retire Rubio’s media team.