Eugene ‘Geno’ Doak to be a actors member top top Mama June: From no to Hot. He and his girlfriend, Mama June, appeared in court during season 5 that the show.

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Geno and Mama June have overcome addiction worries in your life. And now that the pair room sober native drugs, they’re wanting to stay on the straight and also narrow – not end up back in prison. So, let’s take a look at at that Geno Doak is, where he is now and whether the pair are still together…


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Who is Eugene ‘Geno’ Doak?

Best-known together Mama June’s boyfriend, Geno Doak is 45 year old. He celebrate his date of birth on October 8th.

Mama June increased to truth TV fame on Toddlers & Tiaras in 2009. Geno’s truth TV fame came a little later together he began showing up on TLC shows with Mama June such together Mama June: From not to Hot.

Geno can be uncovered on Instagram
with over 56k followers. However, the doesn’t short article to the ‘gram on the regular.

What occurred to Geno Doak?

In 2019, Geno and also Mama June were arrested after a member of the public noticed a physics altercation in between the two.

As every the Trussville Tribune, the pair was “charged v felony medicine possession and also misdemeanour unlawful possession of medicine paraphernalia“.

The outcome of Geno and also Mama June’s instance has been an recurring story throughout Mama June: From not to Hot season 5.

Fans, inevitably, were curious regarding what happens next for Geno Doak. Mama June took to Twitter to melted some irradiate on the situation: “Well the dark cloud is unable to do from mine head lastly n i deserve to move top top in life but geno is still this particular day awaiting come b sentenced but like I stated u never understand where mama june will certainly b or it is in on that a plunder we will b ago soon as alot is happening v our life comes up“.

Well the dark cloud is unable to do from mine head lastly n i deserve to move on in life however geno is still this day awaiting come b sentenced yet like I said u never understand where mama june will certainly b or be on the a wrap we will b earlier soon together alot is happening v our life coming up #MamaJune

— Mama June (

As every IB Times, Geno was handed a 16-month sentence in his drug case in august 2021. The day-to-day Mail reported that Geno entered prison ~ above July 29th and has a release day of November 22nd, 2022.

Distractify write that together of 2021, Mama June and also Geno space still together. Mama June led to a stir top top the net when a tik star dubbed
met up through the fact TV star in august 2021, however, the pair room seemingly just friends.

Is Mama June walking to prison in 2021?

During season 5, Mama June obtain a phone contact from the couples’ lawyer. She said: “I’m encountering a couple of years, Geno’s encountering ten years. We may not even get to view each other, us don’t know what to mean in the morning“.

On the topic of the couple potentially act time in prison, Geno added: “Just due to the fact that we stopped screwing up doesn’t average we no screw up. We’ve adjusted our life about but we still got caught with dope“.

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As of Mama June: From no to Hot season 5 episode 12, it was still a opportunity that Geno could go come prison. However, Mama June’s court case was claimed over and also she was told she’d have actually to complete 100 hours of neighborhood service.


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