What's walking on in between Maggie and also Negan at the end of The wade Dead season 11 premiere? Here's what we think.

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By john Saavedra | august 23, 2021 | | comments count:0
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This Walking Dead short article contains spoilers.

Now that Maggie’s in charge, Negan’s time is practically up. That much is clear to the male who’s been in villain rehabilitation because that the past two seasons when he’s drafted to sign up with a group of Alexandrians on a mission to recuperate the food and also supplies the negotiation desperately needs after the war with the Whisperers. The journey back to Maggie’s old settlement requires navigating the dark, walker-infested subway tunnels the a city that Negan to know well, but that’s not the only reason he’s been preferred for the mission.

While Maggie will execute anything to defend the remainder of her people, Negan knows this is a one-way trip for him. He to know that as soon as he’s served his purpose, Maggie plan to death him…or far better yet, leaving him because that the walkers come feast on. And also when he confronts her around it, Maggie doesn’t deny it. However as us learned in “Here’s Negan,” the former Savior leader isn’t going to go down without a fight. And when he’s ultimately presented v the possibility to conserve his own hide in “Acheron: part I,” the season 11 premiere, the takes it.

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A cliffhanger ending was expected, yet not one the left Maggie’s fate increase in the air so quickly after her go back to the show. Trapped on every sides and also pursued by a hungry pedestrian horde, the team has i do not have anything left to go yet up. A train is prevent the means forward and the just chance of escape prior to they all become dinner is to rise over and into one of the train cars.

This is the perfect setup for the last moment that the episode, as Negan looks under at Maggie, who’s hanging on for her life ~ a walker gets a organize of she leg top top her method up the ladder that the train car. Negan could save her, however it’s i can not qualify Maggie would carry out the exact same for him. (Mind you, if we’re talking Walking Dead justice, Maggie is fine within her right to leaving him for dead.) Sure, he could perform this an excellent deed in the hope of earning himself much more time, however that hasn’t functioned in the past. No issue what that does because that Alexandria or that he saves, Negan can’t escape his past crimes. His fate is sealed, at least as far as Maggie is concerned. And also since she’s the leader now, well…

So Negan walk what any kind of survivor would certainly do: the refuses to help Maggie as much as the peak of the car, leaving she to die. In his mind, he’s killing the executioner before she have the right to put the noose approximately his neck. While his decision isn’t unexpected, it’s quiet shocking to watch Maggie’s hand slip before the display screen cuts to black. Us assume she’s fallen top top the crowd of walkers and to she death, but is the what’s yes, really happened?

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Personally, i think showrunner Angela Kang has actually pulled a classic Walking Dead fake-out, one that’s very reminiscent come the show’s most well known misdirection that all: the “death” of glen Rhee in season 6. If you to be watching the display on a weekly basis earlier in 2016, you likely remember just how Glenn’s autumn onto a horde of walkers who proceed to tear open his insides and eat his guts broke the fandom. Because that weeks, then-showrunner Scott Gimple and actor Steven Yeun pretended that Glenn was really dead till it was revealed that all wasn’t as it seemed. The walkers had actually torn open another character who’d arrived on top the Glenn, which offered the fan-favorite just sufficient time crawl previous the horde and hide under a dumpster, escaping a gruesome fatality that would eventually record up with him in season 7.

While Maggie’s case isn’t specifically the very same — Nicholas’ corpse isn’t over there to defend her from becoming lunch in this circumstances — she could cheat fatality in much the same method as she late husband by conveniently rolling under the train vehicle before the walkers overpower her. The episode even foreshadows this miraculous escape just minutes prior to Maggie’s fall: we see both Dog and also Daryl crawl under the train, which means there’s certainly a means through. All Maggie requirements to execute is relocate fast enough to make it come the opening.

We speak to Kang front of the premiere. She didn’t disclose Maggie’s ultimate fate but did take united state through exactly how the cliffhanger came around in the an initial place: “I think Negan’s interactions room really important. The funny thing is, that cliffhanger came about because, as soon as Jim Barnes and I set about to compose the episodes, we had actually so much product that we were like, ‘Oh, it’s actually, like maybe we have the right to convince AMC to air this together a special, virtually like a movie-ranked expanded episode.’ but they’d already locked in all the airing dates and everything. So they’re like, ‘You’ve gained to reduced it in half.’ So us were like, ‘Oh, well, type of the halfway allude as we have it planned and written is that Maggie and Negan have this moment,’ due to the fact that we felt the that was a mid point of that story, where things turned.

“Oddly, it wasn’t initially planned to be an finish of illustration cliffhanger. That was intended to it is in a center of, lengthy story, cliffhanger that goes right away into everything happens next. Yet we simply felt the it was really emblematic of how tense that relationship is. I think they’re true to just how Negan feels about his place in this group, that he simply decides come slowly back away in that moment.”