Many the 81,000 student in Loudoun County, Virginia, will certainly be top to your public school classrooms Thursday because that the very first time since March 2020, in ~ the begin of the coronavirus pandemic — the difficulty will be gaining them to school and also back.

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Cheerleaders welcome students come the first day of class in Loudoun ar on Aug. 26, 2021.

children return to school in Loudoun County.
There’s numerous enthuisasm together Loudoun ar students go earlier to school.


Many the 81,000 college student in Loudoun County, Virginia, will certainly be top to your public institution classrooms Thursday because that the very first time due to the fact that March 2020, at the begin of the coronavirus pandemic — the difficulty will be obtaining them to school and also back.

In the middle of a nationwide shortage that bus drivers, the always-hectic first week that nailing down transport will be even much more difficult.

“Please understand that LCPS is implementing a variety of internal measures to covering as plenty of routes together possible,” follow to the school system’s net page. “Despite these efforts, family members may conference some company impacts throughout the first days that school, consisting of late buses and dual or triple loads.”

The school device is questioning parents who intend to drive their youngsters to institution to opt-out that the county transportation planning, to allow bus paths to it is in consolidated.

In addition, the below Comes The Bus website and mobile app enables parents to see the place of their child’s school bus top top a smartphone, tablet, or computer, to minimize the time kids spend stand by the side of the road.

Meanwhile, Loudoun county Public colleges will need students and also staff to wear masks in school buildings and on buses nevertheless of vaccination status.

Masks can be removed when outside, eating or participating in physics education. Teachers will prioritize activities that permit for physics distancing once PE is organized indoors.

The school device said all LCPS students, parents, employees, visitors, volunteers and also others who enter the school structure are intended to comply v the mask rules. Youngsters under 2 year old space exempt native the mask requirement.

See Superintendent Scott Ziegler’s mask update below.

In addition to masks, physical distancing will be enforced throughout LCPS buildings.

In at home K-12 settings, a student who is within three to six feet of an infected college student is not thought about a close call as lengthy as both students room wearing masks and the school has actually prevention tactics in place.

There will be intensified cleaning protocols that encompass disinfection the high-touch surfaces 3 times per day during the school day.

Students who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (the vaccines have not however been approved for those under 12) don’t need to quarantine after having actually close call with someone v COVID-19 as long as the student remains asymptomatic.

However, students established as close contact to an infected human will have to quarantine for 14 days.

Any student who has to isolate or quarantine will be able to make increase missed assignments through Schoology or by way of your teachers.

Read LCPS’ complete mask and mitigation setup online.

School meals

When it involves food, college student 18 and also younger can get breakfast, lunch, snack and also supper meals for free.

Starting Aug. 30, student who room distance-learning have the right to pick up meals on Mondays just (seven work of breakfast, lunch, snack and also supper) in ~ any adjacent high school loading dock from 9:30 a.m. Come 11 a.m. If Monday is a holiday, meals will certainly be offered on Tuesday.

The school system said because of program limitations, students can only obtain one type of enjoy the meal per day. Second meals will price $4.10.

See the full meal plan online.

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Last-minute reminders

Schools Superintendent Scott A. Ziegler claimed in a letter Wednesday that before the bell rings, families must complete the online verification process that is component of the Loudoun ar Public institutions (LCPS) an initial Day of School details initiative.

Ziegler is encouraging parents and students to visit the Return to college 2021 website to discover information about COVID-19 mitigation techniques in place, including FAQs about masking and other protocols.

Lastly, LCPS recommends the parents look in ~ the Transportation concern Registry if lock need an ext help with college bus arrangements.

“I expect your family members is as excited together I am around the an initial day of institution tomorrow!” Ziegler said. “Our employee is enthusiastic to see those huge yellow buses traction up and bring her students ago to school. Staff has been working tough all summer come prepare because that this large day in our community.”

Watch Ziegler’s back-to-school post below.

Nearly 300,000 students went back to the class Monday in Fairfax and Prince william counties, Manassas Park City Schools and Culpeper County. Alexandria’s very first day of institution was Tuesday.

The complete Loudoun County Public institutions calendar is online.’s Abigail Constantino and Neal Augenstein added to this report.

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