Just prefer The Patty duke Show 50 years ago, Disney Channel’s the same twins comedy Liv and also Maddie relies on a few visual tip — and a couple of look-alike extras — to pull turn off the premise.

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Star Dove Cameron theatre both Liv and also Maddie, mismatched twin teenager sisters (one of who returns residence after a insignificant in Hollywood) readjusting come living together under one roof.

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In a new promo booked to start airing later on this month top top Disney Channel, the network is ultimately sharing the show’s behind-the-scene production tricks with viewers. In the spot, Cameron’s 2 acting human body doubles, Emmy Buckner (“Liv 2”) and also Shelby Wulfert (“Maddie 2”), are revealed because that the an initial time.

“To do one girl look like two girl it actually takes 3 girls,” Cameron says. “And wigs are fully necessary to create the visual difference in between me together Liv and also me together Maddie,” add to wardrobe and other tweaks.

Executive producers man D. Beck and also Ron Hart say they’ve been mindful of not treating the truth that Cameron theatre both functions as a gimmick. The process itself hasn’t changed much native the job of The Patty duke Show or Hayley Mills in The parental Trap.

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To obtain the shot, a camera is preserved is a stationery position, as Cameron performs Liv ~ above one side of the screen, climate goes v her transformation via wardrobe, hair, and also make-up, returns and also performs Maddie top top the various other side of the screen. The backs the Buckner’s and Wulfert’s heads are used to add to the illusion that they are filming twins. It all gets stitched in post-production.

“The camera trickery is not what renders our show work, we are thrust by the extraordinary performance Dove gives each week,” Hart says. She plays 2 characters and also creates the relationship in between them. We never ever think the Emmy and also Shelby as ‘photo doubles.’ They are Dove’s scene partners and also a crucial piece in developing what ends up obtaining on the air.”

In the following original illustration of Liv and also Maddie, “Rate-A-Rooney,” the show will handle the subject of bullying. In the episode, the sisters and their friends challenge a classmate who has been rating them based upon their looks. The illustration airs top top Sunday, February 8 in ~ 9/8c.

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Here’s the behind-the-scenes Liv and also Maddie promo, set to start running top top February 15.