NO relationship - - Young gibbs Lee Norris, of the TV collection "One Tree Hill," is not regarded either actor lining Norris, or his brothers Aaron Norris, despite popular confusion among fans. (Times paper Photo)

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"I i found it in (Sept. 25"s) celebrity birthdays that actorLee Norris from the TV series "One Tree Hill" is25. My question is this: Is he regarded actorChuck Norris and his sonAaron Norris, producer of "Walker, TexasRanger?"

"Also, I want to said a little story to you to define howmany world enjoy having actually the names of famed people and theirbirthdays included for publication in her newspaper every day.

"I taught English because that 16 year at Hobart High School before Iretired. We would obtain a copy that The time every job in ourteacher"s lounge. One of our history teachers would revolve to thebirthdays that notables, read a name and also we would guess the age ofthe person. That was always so fun. So lot so, that if this teacherwas absent, we constantly made certain someone else would carry out this samefamous date of birth quiz because that our enjoyment!

Thank you because that your sort letter, Carolyn. To answer yourquestion, gibbs Aaron Norris and Chuck Norris space brothers. Theyare not pertained to Lee Norris.




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NO relationship - - Young actor Lee Norris, the the TV collection "One Tree Hill," is not concerned either actor chuck Norris, or his brother Aaron Norris, despite popular confusion amongst fans. (Times record Photo)