Teen mother 2 fan-favorite Leah Messer is telling all in her new memoir, Hope, elegant & Faith, titled after the middle names that her three daughters: Aliannah, Aleeah, and Adalynn. She"s likewise opening up about a painful drug addiction the she previously denied — but fans experienced play the end on camera.

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Leah very first came clean around her opioid seeks in November 2018, revealing on her podcast, Life Reboot, that she knew "how the feels to end up being dependent ~ above anything given by a doctor." She described that she prescription pill dependency began after the 2013 bear of her 3rd daughter, Adalynn, once doctors provided her a botched spinal tap the left she in tremendous pain for months.

While that"s just how her addiction started, with the relax of her memoir in may 2020, Leah is obtaining real around how she prescription pill dependency affected her life. Read on to learn just how Leah confronted her past battle with seeks — and how she got the aid she needed.

While Teen mommy 2 fans are acquainted with Leah Messer"s mother Dawn and also stepdad Lee, viewers haven"t seen much of her organic dad, that lived through Leah and then-husband Jeremy Calvert because that a time. The was her dad, an addict himself, that Leah insurance claims gave her meds after ~ her very own painkillers ran out.

As she revealed in she memoir (via Us Weekly), doctors prescribed the reality star through hydrocodone, oxycodone, and Tylenol 3 after a botched spinal tap during labor with Adalynn. However it was diazepam, she said, the was the medication the "really knocked out." and also it was Leah"s dad who provided her with meds after her prescriptions flourished stale.

"With all the physician appointments I"ve to be juggling for Ali, my oldest, i never had actually time come schedule a follow-up appointment to number out why I"m still in so lot pain, so mine dad has actually been hooking me up v the very same medications," Leah composed in the book. 

Jeremy previously corroborated this account in November 2018 top top Leah"s podcast, Life Reboot. "He was for certain ," that revealed. "It was easily accessible with him life in our basement."

Longtime Teen mommy 2 viewers will certainly remember episodes from Season 6 wherein the reality star would certainly nod off with heavy-lidded eyes, mumbling incoherently. One step in certain often sticks the end in fans" minds: Leah Messer was sitting top top a couch, holding she brother"s infant on her lap. Together Radar Online recapped, she quickly started slurring she words and fell sleep mid-sentence, while her brothers tried come wake she up and a girlfriend took the baby.

In an April 2020 interview v Entertainment Tonight, Leah stated she can"t mental filming the moments while she to be under the influence, and, in fact, watched the scenes in which she was in disbelief.

"I look earlier at that footage, and also I attract blanks. I draw blanks come that period of mine life, due to the fact that it doesn"t seem prefer that was... Ns look in ~ it and also I"m like, was that really me?" she request rhetorically. "Was i really nodding off? Like, was i really under that much medication?"

It took hitting rock bottom because that Leah Messer to establish she had a problem. She revealed to Entertainment Tonight in April 2020 that she contemplated acquisition her own life, i beg your pardon is what led those about her to challenge the fact star about what to be going on. "It didn"t also dawn top top me till I was ultimately like, "I don"t even want to live anymore. I"m not worth, like, mine life is not worth living." and then it to be like, mine management and also MTV stepped in."

Leah likewise explained that she was mindful that the suicidal thoughts to be a sign that she essential help. "When I want to walk suicide, that"s as soon as I establish there to be an basic issue," she said ET. "Being suicidal and wanting to take it my life and also leave my girl without a mother is what led me come seek... Friend know, I necessary help. And also that to be OK. And it was OK."

According come The Fix, Leah perfect a 30-day treatment program in 2015. As E! News reports, she is currently sober.

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If you or someone you understand is struggling through suicidal thoughts, speak to the National Suicide avoidance Lifeline in ~ 1-800-273-TALK (8255). If friend or who you recognize is struggling with substance abuse, call the substance Abuse and also Mental health Services Administration"s 24-hour helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).