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Law & Order: unique Victims Unit and also Law & Order: arranged Crime room both collection to air their season finales on June 3 ~ above NBC. The return of Elliot Stabler (played through Christopher Meloni) to the Law & Order-verse has actually not only resulted in Organized Crime gift a ratings hit, yet it has likewise reenergized SVU in the ratings during its record 22nd season.

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But has this been enough to gain both shows renewed for more seasons? Here"s what we know.

Has Law & Order: SVU been renewed?

The future the Special victim Unit to be already details before this present season aired. In February 2020, the display was renewed for three seasons all at once, an interpretation that the present is collection to air till Season 24.

With this renewal, the display expands that lead as the longest-running live action series of all time. Through the end of Season 24 in spring 2023, the will have actually been top top air for 24 years—four an ext years than previous document holder Gunsmoke.


Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni reunited in a current episode the "Law & Order: special Victims Unit."NBCIt also makes Mariska Hargitay"s Olivia Benson the longest-running personality in a primetime live-action series, beating the 2 leads the Gunsmoke and also Kelsey Grammer"s Frasier Crane (across Cheers and Frasier).

Had the display not to be renewed in 2020, it most likely still would certainly have acquired a renewal after this season. When the basic trend is that shows lose audience end time, SVU Season 22 has actually actually acquired viewers because its critical season. The present was watched by an typical of 4.3 million civilization per episode this season (per TV series Finale). This is an increase of almost 20 percent from Season 21.

In the fall 2021 season, Law & Order: SVU will save its Thursday night slot at 9 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. CT top top NBC. It will be preceded by spinoff Law & Order: for the Defense, which take it fans of the franchise to the various other side that the legislation by concentrating on a criminal defense firm.

Has Law & Order: organized Crime been renewed?

Joining those two mirrors on Thursday nights will be Organized Crime, which has been renewed because that a 2nd season. That season will air at 10 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. CT

The show was likewise a ratings hit because that NBC this season. With an median audience that 4.9 million viewers, the inched the end SVU to be the 5th most watched scripted present on the network this season, behind the 3 Chicago shows and This Is Us.

The release day for the brand-new seasons that SVU and Organized Crime has not to be revealed yet, however both room expected come air in late September. Based on when ahead seasons have started, the most most likely release day is Thursday, September 23.

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Law & Order: organized Crime and also Law & Order: SVU are streaming now on Hulu and also Peacock.