Last male Standing: FOX Sitcom actors Says goodbye — Again (Watch)

by Trevor Kimball, might 20, 2021



Tonight, viewers stated goodby come the Baxters and also their friends because that a second time. The sitcom was cancelled by abc after 6 seasons but was revived a year later for three an ext seasons top top FOX. While there won’t it is in a 10th season whenever soon, this family members comedy appears ripe because that a resurgence somewhere down the line.

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Airing top top Thursday nights, Last male Standing stars Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, Hector Elizondo, Amanda Fuller, Christoph Sanders, Molly McCook, Jordan Masterson, Jonathan Adams, and Krista Marie Yu with Jay Leno, Susan Sullivan, Tisha Campbell, and also Kaitlyn Dever recurring. The series revolves roughly Mike Baxter (Allen), the marketing manager of the Outdoor man sporting products stores and also a “man’s man”. His family members doesn’t watch eye-to-eye through him for this reason it have the right to sometimes it is in a little tough for Mike to stand his ground and also stay in touch through his inside man. In season nine, the collection jumped ahead into the near future. Mike and Vanessa (Travis) contemplate their very own future, including Mike’s imminent retirement native Outdoor guy — and who can be his successor.

Saying goodbye come their show for a 2nd time to be understandably a an extremely emotional experience for the cast and crew. Unlike collection that have actually been cancelled, they at least had an chance to offer the characters some closure.

According come Variety, executive producers Kevin Abbott and also Matt Berry had actually a tough time coming up v a method to end the show. Characters leaving or speak goodbye felt as well sad and also then, Berry come up v the idea of Mike’s beloved truck gift stolen just as he finished restoring it. It was conceived as a an allegory for the show.

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“It was perfect and also there was nothing left because that him to do, and then in ~ that suggest somebody takes it,” Berry said. “At an initial it’s prefer we got to gain it back. But then the word comes with it’s gone. It’s to be disassembled, chop shop, it no exist and also then they need to go through the procedure of what the means. And while you watch Mike reasoning he’s going to fall apart as soon as this word comes through, it’s actually type of amazing that Vanessa does. She winds up having this reaction come that as Mike has actually peace v it, because of exactly how much it meant to her together well.”

In one interview v Fox News, Allen recalled his final days ~ above set, “Our prop man said, ‘Which of these did you want to take?’ and also it was pictures of the family from the hallway that was going away. I walked in and also looked at Nancy and also precise surprised I acquired through the scene. She yes, really looked at me , ‘Are friend OK?’ and I was no OK.”

Here room some farewell think from members the the cast.

Each day is a gift and I was offered over 1500 that them over 9 exorbitant years functioning on this show. I miss it currently but am forever thankful that ns will constantly have the memories.
ofctimallen) may 20, 2021