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If there"s one point Lane Kiffin appears to enjoy around Twitter, it"s the ability to troll with just a couple of characters.

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The Ole miss coach to be at the again Sunday through an ambiguous tweet the a Louisiana license plate ~ above a BMW. The tweet comes amid speculation about who could fill the LSU coaching vacancy, through Kiffin"s name popping up amongst potential candidates.

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What might that tweet perhaps mean? It"s anyone"s guess. But here space the circumstances about the tweet:

About 90 minutes prior to it, Lincoln Riley to be reported to be leaving Oklahoma because that USC. Saturday night, that shut under a question about his future by saying that he would not coach LSU, though the inquiry was never ever finished and was no specifically about the Tigers.

There was also the reality that Kiffin has often been questioned as a potential fit because that the job and earlier potential candidates were out. Pen State"s James Franklin signed an extension and Texas A&M"s Jimbo Fisher stated he"d be dumb to leaving for LSU. Florida announced Sunday the Billy Napier would end up being its next head coach and then came the report that Riley was going come USC; that removed two more possibilities.

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So does that average Kiffin would certainly be an option? His tweeting a Louisiana patent plate could even be viewed as an indication that won"t take the LSU job and the he rather is just trying come stir the pot about the university football coaching carousel. Over there is always the tracking of exclusive flights and photos the coaches at different airports to screen what"s happening. Possibly Kiffin is simply trying to join in the fun.

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After all, tweeting out something prefer that would most likely not it is in well-received by Ole Miss, especially after Kiffin has accumulated so much goodwill v the school. Kiffin led the Rebels come their ideal regular-season finish in program history in his second season, in ~ 10-2. 

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But Kiffin has always enjoyed the chance to troll. Once a pan threw a water party at him following Tennessee"s loss come Ole miss in Knoxville this year, he shared a slow-motion video clip of him virtually making a one-handed catch.

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