Back in the day, Lady Gaga’s sexuality became a warm topic on the internet because of a rumor suggesting that the singer could be a hermaphrodite, having actually genitals the both sexes. At the time, a the majority of people believed that she had actually a penis however Lady Gaga, being the unbothered queen the she is, didn’t think it to be such a huge deal.

In a clip from a 60 minute Overtime interview that was recently mutual by a Lady Gaga pan account on Twitter, Gaga to be asked by Anderson Cooper around the rumor the she had actually “a masculine appendage, the a hermaphrodite”. The singer, when silverlakestyle.comping a fake diamond in her mouth (LOL, only Gaga, right?), promptly responded with: “Maybe i do.

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Would it be so terrible?

“Why the hell am i going to waste my time and give a press release about whether or not I have a penis? My pan don’t care and neither do I.”

remember when everybody assumed
ladygaga had actually a penis and also instead of denying this she simply said this

— Gaga daily (
gagadaily) April 11, 2020

After the clip resurfaced online, some fans recalled “not caring” around Gaga’s alleged penis and listening to her once they were younger since Lady Gaga’s music is among the finest things that ever before happened in the critical decade.

Lol ns remember believing the rumour and not caring, 11 yo me to be woke

— Meh (
MilReasonsAgain) April 11, 2020

me tho religiously listening come Ms. Gaga in ~ 12 year old when the media do the efforts to do a huge deal about it