"It's time for a change," claimed Alfonso, who is speak goodbye to her character, hope Brady because that good.

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Kristian Alfonso announced earlier this month she will be leaving her longtime function on "Days of our Lives."Maarten de Boer / NBC
Fans were shocked earlier this month once Kristian Alfonso revealed she is leaving “Days of our Lives” after 37 year on the show.

Now the actress, 57, is opened up around why she decided to to speak goodbye to she character, expect Williams Brady, for good.

Alfonso together Hope Williams Brady in a promotional photo for "Days of ours Lives"Chris Haston / NBC

In one interview v ET, she explained that originally, producers to be planning to create Hope off the show for four to five months, but promised the character would return.

However, Alfonso observed this as an chance to walk in a different direction.

"At that minute I believed to myself, you know what, it"s time for a readjust and it was the perfect minute to make that decision," she said ET. "I was taken aback when he stated that they wanted ... To take me turn off camera for 4 to 5 months. It was not something the had ever been discussed but that"s what it was, and also to come ago in five to six months, or four to five months — everything that time structure was — I simply thought, you understand what, it"s time to really write a brand-new chapter.”

Alfonso first appeared ~ above "Days of ours Lives" in 1983. The display has to be running because 1965. NBC

She included that the pandemic has given her a new perspective ~ above life and her priorities.

"This time during COVID, which has been therefore horrific for our country, the world, it really made me pause and also think about life and also to really appreciate our wellness every solitary day and also never take it it because that granted and also that was part of my decision also," she told ET. "Through every one of this horror of COVID, it"s the first time in mine life i was in reality able to exhale because I"ve been so busy v my life and also really took pleasure in just gift home and really law nothing. Probably cooking. Yet just enjoy it my family, mine friends. Capturing up.”

When Alfonso shared her latest interview about her “Days of our Lives” leave on Instagram, several of she current and former co-stars wished her well in the comments.

“Cheers come a brand-new chapter!!!” Olivia climbed Keegan, who plays Claire Brady ~ above the soap, wrote to Alfonso.

Molly Burnett, who previously played Melanie Jonas top top the show, commented, “A totality Queen

“You space an pure legend,” chimed in Nadia Bjorlin, who played Chloe roadway on the show. “I psychic auditioning because that "Days" and also the only thing i knew about the show at the time was her beautiful face that I had actually seen on TV, since I didn’t flourish up in the U.S, but your face was THE brand that the show... Thank you because that being so kind to me over the years and being such a loving human being to so plenty of of united state on the show. You will be missed, gorgeous lady!”


Alfonso said she has actually made “so countless amazing friends and also memories” native her years on the show, and also said that although she may no much longer be top top set, the human being on the soap will absolutely still be part of her life.

She added that if she is not certain if she will continue acting, she has been acquiring some calls about future projects, for this reason “we’ll see.”

But in the meantime, she feels i was sure she is making the appropriate decision in leaving the long-running soap.

"I tell my kids all the time, if you feeling it"s time because that a readjust then it should be, and also take the leap the faith and also believe in yourself,” she said.

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