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Omega-3 fatty acids have numerous health benefits.

The best means to reap them is by eating fatty fish at least twice every week, but if you nothing eat fat fish often, you should take into consideration taking a supplement.

However, it’s crucial to make certain your supplement includes enough eicosapentaenoic mountain (EPA) and docosahexaenoic mountain (DHA). These room the many useful species of omega-3 fats, and they are found in fat fish and also algae.

You can also get omega-3 native seeds and also nuts, prefer flax seeds and walnuts. These foodstuffs contain alpha-linolenic mountain (ALA), a small component of which deserve to be converted into EPA and DHA in your body (1).

This short article reviews just how much omega-3 you need for optimal health.

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official omega-3 dosage guidelines

Various mainstream health and wellness organizations have actually released their own experienced opinions, but they vary considerably.

Overall, most of these establishments recommend a minimum the 250–500 mg linked EPA and also DHA every day for healthy and balanced adults (2, 3, 4).

However, higher amounts are frequently recommended for certain health conditions.

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) because that alpha-linolenic mountain is 1.6 grams per day for men and 1.1 grams per day for ladies (5).

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To date, there is no official recommended everyday allowance because that EPA and also DHA. However, most health organizations agree the 250–500 mg of linked EPA and also DHA is sufficient for adult to maintain their as whole health.

Omega-3 for certain health conditions

The following health conditions have been shown to respond come omega-3 supplements.

Heart disease

One study adhered to 11,000 world who took an 850-mg dose of linked EPA and DHA every day because that 3.5 years. They knowledgeable a 25% palliation in love attacks and also a 45% palliation in sudden death (6).

The American heart Association, amongst other organizations, recommends that people with coronary heart condition take 1,000 mg of combined EPA and also DHA daily, if those with high triglycerides take it 2,000–4,000 mg day-to-day (7, 8, 9).

However, several large reviews have actually not found any type of beneficial results of omega-3 fatty acids on heart condition (10, 11).

Depression and anxiety

Studies imply that high sheep of omega-3, ranging from 200–2,200 mg every day, have the right to reduce symptoms of depression and also anxiety (12, 13, 14, 15).

In situations of mood and also mental disorders, a complement with greater amounts that EPA 보다 DHA might be optimal.


A high intake of fish and omega-3 fat acids has actually been linked to a decreased risk of breast, prostate, and also colon cancers (16, 17, 18, 19).

However, correlation doesn’t same causation. Managed studies must confirm whether your intake of omega-3 fatty acids affects her cancer risk.


Omega-3 fat acids may relieve several health conditions. An efficient dosage ranges from 200–4,000 mg.

Omega-3 because that children and pregnant women

Research reflects that omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA, are an important before, during, and also after pregnant (20, 21, 22, 23).

Nearly all main guidelines recommend adding 200 mg the DHA throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding — in addition to your continual dosage (24, 25, 26).

Several worldwide and national organizations have actually published guidelines for infants and also children, ranging from 50–100 mg per day of an unified EPA and also DHA (9).


An added 200 mg that DHA is recommended because that pregnant and also nursing women. The encourage dose for infants and children is 50–100 mg of linked EPA and also DHA every day.

The typical Western diet contains approximately 10 times more omega-6s than omega-3s. This omega-6 fatty acids come largely from sleek vegetable oils that are included to handle food (27, 28).

Many experts believe that the optimal omega-6 come omega-3 ratio is closer to 2:1 (29).

Omega-6s and also omega-3s compete for the same enzymes, which convert the fatty acids into their biologically active forms (30, 31).

Therefore, if you wish to enhance your omega-3 status, you have to not just be certain to get sufficient omega-3 from your diet and supplements but additionally consider reducing her intake of vegetable oils high in omega-6.


Your body may duty best through balanced quantities of omega-6 and omega-3.

The Food and also Drug administration (FDA) cases that omega-3 supplements containing EPA and also DHA room safe if doses nothing exceed 3,000 mg per day.

On the various other hand, the europe Food security Authority (EFSA) note that approximately 5,000 mg every day native supplements is safe.

These cautions space in ar for number of reasons. Because that one, omega-3s can reason blood thinning or too much bleeding in part people.

For this reason, many organizations encourage world who space planning surgical procedure to prevent taking omega-3 supplements 1–2 main beforehand.

The second reason is as result of vitamin A. This vitamin have the right to be toxicity in high amounts, and also some omega-3 supplements, such together cod liver oil, space high in it.

Finally, taking more than 5,000 mg of omega-3s has actually never been shown to provide any added benefits, for this reason the hazard is no worth taking.


Taking as much as 3,000–5,000 mg the omega-3 every day shows up to it is in safe, although together a high input is likely not essential for most people.

Omega-3 supplements, consisting of fish oil, contain the long-chain omega-3 fat acids EPA and DHA.

It’s necessary to read the label of her omega-3 complement to number out exactly how much EPA and DHA the contains.

These amounts vary, and the labels have the right to be confusing. Because that example, a product may carry out 1,000 mg the fish oil, but its levels of these 2 fats can be lot lower.

Depending top top the concentration of EPA and also DHA in a dose, you might need to take it as plenty of as eight capsules to reach the recommended amount.

For much more information, you have the right to consult this in-depth guide come omega-3 supplements.


It’s crucial to think about how much EPA and also DHA there is in a complement — not just just how much fish oil the contains. This help ensure that you’re getting sufficient EPA and also DHA.

When acquisition omega-3 supplements, always follow the accuse on the label.

However, store in mind the omega-3 requirements vary by individual. Some civilization may must take more than others.

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The recommended intake that alpha-linolenic mountain is 1.6 grams per day for men and 1 gram per day for women.

In contrast, there are no official guidelines because that the entry of long-chain omega-3s. Yet, wellness organizations usually recommend a minimum of 250 mg and a maximum of 3,000 mg of linked EPA and also DHA per day, uneven instructed otherwise by a health professional.