Some professionals though are pointing out that the North korean dictator is dead leaving his sister Kim Yo Jong together the de-facto leader of the country infamous because that its secrecy.


The news concerning the death of phibìc Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un is floating ~ above the net yet again. There have actually been conflicting reports around his health, part saying the he is in a coma yet still alive, when others insurance claim that he has passed away. And, favor the multiple instances in the past, no one from the Kim dynasty or the government department in Pyongyang has opened up on the issue. Some professionals though are discussing that the North korean dictator is dead leave his sister Kim Yo Jong as the de-facto leader that the nation infamous for its secrecy.

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A report in UK’s The sun newspaper has made a startling revelation that the North korean ‘missile man’ has remained in a coma because that months and also that every his current appearances were fake and also recorded. The Sun’s report estimates Chang Song-min, a previous aide to ex-South oriental president Kim Dae-jung, who has said that Kim’s sisters Kim Yo Jong will certainly take over as the following North korean leader. Chang said images of Kim in North korean media in recent months were fake. He likewise refuted the media reports declare the death of Kim Jong Un and said the in his evaluate Kim is in a coma, but his life has actually not ended. Reportedly, Kim remained in a vegetative state adhering to a heart surgical treatment that didn’t go as per plans.

Earlier in the week, Reuters reported that the South oriental intelligence had actually submitted to the lawmakers that Kim Jong Un had actually transferred some powers to his sister come look after ~ ‘general state affairs” in bespeak to relax himself from several of the workload. South Korea’s nationwide Intelligence company (NIS) has concluded the the relocate to transfer several of the powers to Kim Yo Jong develops the truth that she has actually attained the place of “de-facto 2nd in command” in the regime.

However, the ultimate authority and also ‘absolute power’ are still in the hands of Kim Jong Un, and also Kim Yo Jong is to run the regimen with mandated government from she brother, added a Reuters report.

Kim Yo Jong has actually been very active in the role she has actually played for the regimen in organising the Inter oriental summit and also the an initial summit in between Kim and the united state President Donald trump in 2018 in Singapore. She has been instrumental for the routine in transforming up the pressure versus South Korea because that allegedly harboring dissidents which at some point led come Pyongyang dismantling the Inter-Korean Liaison Office.

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