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Kentucky clerk Kim Davis at her office. Ty Wright/Getty pictures
Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis, that made headlines in 2015 for she protests against same-sex marriage, will lose her project after the midterm elections.

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Davis, a Republican, shed to autonomous challenger Elwood Caudill. Caudill obtained 4,210 votes, or 54.1 percent, and Davis gained 3,566, or 45.9 percent.

Davis got a the majority of national attention in 2015 when, after the supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, she refuse to concern marriage patent to same-sex couples, citing her religious objections. After she to be jailed for defying courts and refusing to carry out her job, part evangelicals, including Republican Mike Huckabee, rallied behind her. However ultimately, Davis agreed to let her deputies issue marriage licenses and also was exit from jail.

As will certainly Wright defined for the Lexington Herald Leader, Caudill previously lost by simply 23 votes in the Republican major for the seat in 2014. Yet he changed parties in 2015. Caudill climate went on to beat David Ermold, one of the gay males Davis refuse a marital relationship license, in the democratic primary this year.

And ~ above Tuesday, Caudill defeated Kim Davis.

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