You may know Phoebe Cates for the iconic duty she played in a classic teen movie from the 1980s. Or you might recognize her as the wife of Oscar Award-winning gibbs Kevin Kline. But you recognize her, you’re more than likely wondering, “Where is Phoebe Cates now?” due to the fact that while the 57-year-old actress has made an indelible note on the movie industry, she’s been shying far from the spotlight for years now. Here, us take a deep dive right into this beauty’s history and uncover out what life is choose for Phoebe Cates in 2021.

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Phoebe Cates was A popular Actress In The 1980s and also 1990s

Phoebe Cates was born in new York City ~ above July 16th, 1963. The daughter the a renowned Broadway producer, she flourished up approximately the arts and attended the esteemed expert Children’s School and the Juilliard college in Manhattan.

Cates started her experienced career together a model, showing up in popular magazines like Seventeen and also Glamour. However the actress says she quickly realized she didn’t discover the project to be fulfilling.

“That no teach me anything,” Cates stated of her brief modeling career in a 1982 interview v People. “It was just the same thing, over and also over. ~ a while ns did it exclusively for the money.”

Cates decided to seek a job in acting instead and landed she big-screen debut in the 1982 movie Paradise. She was simply 17 years old in ~ the time, and the movie involved nudity. Surprisingly, the was she father who encouraged her to take it the role.

“I asked mine father, ‘Should I execute this?’” she told People. “He said, ‘How deserve to you even question a lead in a function film?’ i said, ‘Yeah, however what around the nudity?’ and also he said, ‘What are you going to do, version for the rest of your life? What room you for this reason hung increase on nudity for?’ it is all i needed. I took the part.”

Her Biggest claim To Fame to be ‘Fast times at Ridgemont High’

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Cates’s function in Paradise gained her noticed, but it was her second component that really cemented her condition as a movie star. She played the sexy and innovative high school student Linda Barrett in the 1982 comedy Fast times at Ridgemont High.

While the movie was a hit as soon as it came out, earning much more than $27 million at the box office that year, it’s since become also bigger together an American cult classic. Cates will always be remembered for being connected in one of the movie’s many memorable (and racy!) scenes, which attributes her in an top bright red bikini. The scene likewise required her to it is in topless; however, Cates said the endure was much different the 2nd time around.

Paradise> were serious and also more daunting because they to be not easily justified,” Cates claimed in a 1982 interview (as report by the New new zealand Herald). “But the topless step in Fast times at Ridgemont High to be funny, i beg your pardon made that easy.”

So whereby Is Phoebe Cates now In 2021?

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After Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Cates walk on to appear in a wire of popular movies transparent the ‘80s and ‘90s, including Gremlins and Gremlins II, Bright Lights, large City, Shag, Heart of Dixie, and Drop Dead Fred. yet in 1994, she made decision to action away from acting to emphasis on beginning a family with she husband, gibbs Kevin Kline, who she married in 1989. The pair had two children together — boy Owen Joseph, born in 1991, and daughter Greta Simone, born in 1994. In fact, you may recognize Greta if you’re into music. Currently 27, she’s the lead singer that the indie rock tape Frankie Cosmos.

Since ditching the Hollywood scene for motherhood more than 25 year ago, Cates has only went back to acting professionally two times. In 2001, she appeared in the movie The Anniversary Party, which also starred she Fast time at Ridgemont High co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh. We doubt Leigh had actually a hand in convincing Cates to take it the part, as she also co-wrote and co-directed the movie.

In 2015, Cates lent she voice to a Lego-themed video game, playing her character from Gremlins. This was her last acting credit to date.

As for her various other interests, Cates owns and operates a clothes boutique in Manhattan referred to as Blue Tree, i beg your pardon she opened in 2005. Located on Madison Avenue, the save carries a variety of unique goods, consisting of jewelry, clothing, antiques, candles, books, and vintage LPs. “I constantly wanted to have actually a general store,” she called USA Today in 2006. “If I might have had actually a photograph booth and sold candy, I would have.”

Cates states she has her husband to say thanks to for coming up through the shop’s unique name. “It’s a gentle reference to the blue trees in the Fauvist paintings,” she called USA Today. “It’s the idea the this is not a herbal thing to find in this neighborhood.”

Is Phoebe Cates tho Married?

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Yes! Cates has actually now to be married come Kevin Kline for much more than 30 years. As soon as they first got together, lot was made about their age difference — she was just 25 if he was 41. But time has proven the the pair were expected to be. In fact, Kline claims their age distinction was a definite advantage when it came to beginning a family.

“I to be 40-ish, when I finally stopped obsessing around acting and thought it would be quite to have a life and also actually obtained married,” he defined in a 2014 interview with The Guardian. “If I had married who my very own age, the opportunity of progeny would have actually been very slim. I didn’t consciously say: ‘Hey, we could make babies; want to gain married?’ It just happened that way.”

So those the secret to maintaining their relationship alive for three decades? Kline claims it’s simple. “We’re both sensible, and also we don’t different for lengthy periods that time,” he described in a 2002 interview v Entertainment Weekly. ”We take care of the marriage.”

Will She ever Make A Comeback?

While noþeles is possible, fans shouldn’t organize their breath wait for Phoebe Cates come resurrect her exhilaration career. It shows up as though she is perfect happy through her life as it is. She husband also admits the while lock met due to the fact that they to be both in the exhilaration biz, he to be much an ext focused on hitting the big. “That was among the countless things ns loved about her,” that told The Guardian. “She loved acting while she to be doing it, yet she to be notdriven through it, together I had actually been.”

Cates deserve to still be seen on chance attending red carpet events with she husband. Back in 2017, for example, she to be by his side once he winner a Tony Award for his performance in the Broadway renewal of the Noel Coward play, present Laughter.

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What Is Phoebe Cates’s network Worth?

Cates’s network worth is estimated to be $35 million, follow to It is an superior sum because that an actress who hasn’t actually worked in years! through that sort of cash, she absolutely doesn’t must make a comeback at any time soon.