Kentucky lawmakers expanded the state the emergency related to the coronavirus and also several various other emergency orders issued by autonomous Gov. Andy Beshear throughout the an initial day that a one-of-a-kind legislative session to resolve the pandemic.

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They also progressed bills that would certainly ban lockdowns in ~ nursing homes and also get rid that the statewide institution mask mandate.

Beshear referred to as the distinct session ~ the Republican-led legislature pass several procedures limiting his emergency powers earlier this year. The state can be fried Court newly ordered those laws into impact after they had initially to be blocked.

Senate chairman Robert Stivers, a Republican from Manchester, claimed the legislature had taken regulate of the state’s emergency response.

“For 18 months, the governor stated he and only he had actually the authority, either by constitution or statute, and also I think he was proven come be really wrong,” Stivers said. “There’s only one group that provides the law.”

Republicans had actually long protest Beshear’s dealing with of the virus, specifically early-on in the pandemic when Beshear and officials across the country ordered business closures and also required masks to be worn in public.

The state can be fried Court ruled in favor of Beshear critical year once Republican Attorney general Daniel Cameron sue to weaken his emergency powers, speak Kentucky governors have wide authority to unilaterally respond come emergencies.

But this year, the legislature changed the law, giving themselves oversight over the governor’s emergency assignment by limiting the term of his actions to 30 days unless renewed through lawmakers.

Beshear is the just one that can speak to a distinct legislative session and collection its agenda. ~ above Saturday, Beshear request lawmakers to consider 10 discrete measures, including renewing the state of emergency and also other regulations, providing an ext flexibility for remote discovering at institutions and permitting the governor to problem mask mandates.

House speaker David Osborne, a Republican from Prospect, said there’s one “overwhelming belief” amongst his party the the governor shouldn’t have that power.

“That must be made on a regional level together opposed to a statewide level: to allow local governments to reaction to situations going on in their particular areas as opposed to being on a one-size fits every statewide basis,” Osborne said.

During the an initial day of the one-of-a-kind session, lawmakers conveniently passed house Joint Resolution 1, i m sorry renews the state the emergency and also some the Beshear’s noncontroversial emergency orders till Jan 15. The resolution is now on Beshear’s workdesk to sign.

The home Health and also Family services Committee passed home Bill 2, which calls for nursing homes to let some household members and caregivers enter nursing homes, creates clinics across the state because that the coronavirus treatment Regeneron and calls for much more COVID-19 testing and vaccine access.

The Senate education and learning Committee happen Senate bill 1, which would certainly dissolve the Kentucky board of Education’s statewide institution mask mandate and give schools slightly more flexibility to use remote learning.

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Leaders of the legislature speak they want the distinct session to critical no longer than five days. Lawmakers will also consider spending about $70 million in commonwealth coronavirus relief money and also creating a $410 million motivation to lure an unnamed agency to Hardin County.