Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos can"t get enough of each various other – even after more than two years together.

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"Live v Kelly and also Ryan" host, 50, common a cheeky photo of it s her in a black color swimsuit alongside a do not wear shirts Consuelos, 50, that seems much more than content through his watch of Ripa"s behind. 

"When the end is in sight…," Ripa captioned the flirty post. 

In response, Consuelos took to the comment to share a collection of fire and heart emojis. Other celebrities also shared support for the couple, who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on may 1.

"This is the finest pic you’ve ever before posted," Andy Cohen wrote.

Mindy Kaling wrote, "I love this," and also Daniel Dae Kim added, "almost NSFW."

"This is just epic. Period. Ns don’t even have noþeles clever come say. It’s simply hot!" Lisa Rinna wrote.

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This isn"t the an initial time the pair have been gushy about each other on social media. In respect of Consuelos" 48th date of birth in 2019, Ripa celebrated with a sweet video clip collage set come the song of Jake Shears" "Mississippi Delta (I"m her Man)."

"Happy birthday to the ideal man! You room our heart and soul and rock and also roll," she captioned the tribute.

And she appears to it is in a fan of she hubby"s toned bod. A week before the birthday post, she shared a video clip of Consuelos mirroring off his abs in respect of "thirst trap Friday."

The pair met top top the collection of "All mine Children" and have to be married since 1996. The two share three children, Michael Joseph, 24, Lola Grace, 20, and Joaquin Antonio, 18, who newly attended his an elderly prom in May. 

"To the best man":Kelly Ripa desire happy date of birth to husband mark Consuelos in a sweet tribute

As any proud parental would, Consuelos shared a photo on Instagram the Joaquin and his date on a sunny brand-new York City day v buildings and skyscrapers in the background: "It’s Prom night…. Quino and also his lovely day Melissa."

Ripa also posted the well-dressed pair on Instagram. 

"Prom Night 2021. Joaquin and Melissa," she composed at the moment with love emojis. 

Both parents common behind-the-scenes image of your son obtaining ready on their Instagram story with Kanye West"s "Flashing Lights" playing in the background. The story short articles included snapshots the Consuelos help his son placed on a tie and Joaquin"s day fastening a boutonnière come his lapel. 

Prom:Kelly Ripa and also Mark Consuelos" boy Joaquin suits up for prom: see the dapper photos