Kayleigh McEnany
Basic facts
Current Campaign:Donald trump card 2020 presidential campaign
Organization:Donald trump card presidential administration
Role:White home Press Secretary
Location:Washington, D.C.

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Affiliation:Republican Party
Prior Experience
Trump"s presidential campaign

Kayleigh McEnany is the existing press secretary in the presidential administration of Donald trump (R).

Trump named McEnany as the instead of for former press secretary Stephanie Grisham ~ above April 7, 2020.<1><2> McEnany is additionally the press secretary for the president Trump"s re-election campaign, a role she has actually held since February 2019.<2>


McEnany started her political career together a cable news commentator because that CNN during the 2016 presidential choice cycle.<1> She had previously functioned in media in ~ Fox News and also made her first appearance on the air in 2011.<2> McEnany left her task at CNN in respectable 2017 and also was named a nationwide spokesperson for the Republican national Committee later on that month.<3> In 2018, she published a publication with Simon & Schuster title The brand-new American Revolution: The make of a Populist Movement.<4> McEnany became the national press secretary for President Trump"s 2020 re-election project in February 2019.<2>

McEnany received a bachelor"s degree from the school of Foreign company at Georgetown university in 2010 and interned for former president George W. Shrub (R) together an undergraduate.<3> She obtained a J.D. From Harvard legislation School in 2016.

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