Over 10 year ago, Katy Perry angered religious groups, and also shot to fame, v her struggle single, “I Kissed A Girl.” Perry currently admits she would certainly rewrite the lyrics, provided the chance.

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But, what does that median for Perry’s religious views? What religious beliefs is Katy Perry? In this article, we’re walk to walk over whatever you have to know around Perry’s spiritual life.

Katy Perry had actually a Christian upbringing


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Perry was elevated in a restrictive, Christian household. Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, to Pentecostal minister parents, she frequently attended church and youth teams as a child. Perry called Vogue in 2017, “Amy provide was our Madonna. We knew about Madonna and Marilyn Manson due to the fact that we picketed your concerts.”

Perry explained that as very early teen, she church group handed out pamphlets outside a Marilyn Manson concert titled, How to uncover God. She ended up seeing component of the show and also to her surprised she “found it really interesting and also weird– I gained it.”

Katy Perry started as a gospel singer

Perry began singing by involvement the church choir. In ~ the period of 16, she carried out a solo job by publication aChristian gospel album. Releasing the album gave Perry the possibility to go on tour, and also travel the country, leaving her Christian bubble because that the first time.

Perry told record Magazine that by the moment she to be 17, she felt like she was sliding far from God. “I was constantly asking, why?” Perry said, “Not just to it is in an asshole, just since I’ve constantly been at sight curious.”

Katy Perry struggled through dark times

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In 2013, Perry described to Marie Claire just how she struggled through depression and suicidal thoughts after her marital relationship to brother actor and also comedian, Russell Brand, ended in divorce.

Brand reportedly ended their partnership via text blog post on brand-new Year’s night 2011, and also that was the last time Perry heard indigenous him. Perry described her connection with God currently as, “I don’t believe in a sky or a hell or an old male sitting ~ above a throne. I think in a greater power bigger than me because that keeps me accountable.”

She continues, “I’m not Buddhist, I’m no Hindu, I’m not Christian, but I still feel choose I have a deep connection with God. I pray all the time– for me control, because that humility. There’s a lot of gratitude in it. Simply saying ‘thank you’ occasionally is better than asking for things.”

Perry had her greatest spiritual transformation in 2017 after struggling through depression and also alcoholism when her album, titled, Witness, had actually less 보다 stellar reviews. However, Perry attend a week long spiritual expansion program i beg your pardon she explained as, “10 years of treatment in one week.” She ongoing by saying she, “never feel closer to God.” and also “I’ve never felt so lot release and relief.”

Does religion affect Katy Perry’s music?

While religion plays a smaller duty in she music than it did throughout her gospel days, Perry admits the she is still very spiritual.

Her more recent albums, particularly Witness, which she characterized as “purposeful pop” have an introspective and spiritual aspect to them, yet Perry no longer has actually a direct association with Christianity and instead phone call herself more spiritual 보다 religious.

What’s Katy Perry up to Now?

Perry take it a break from releasing brand-new music in 2018. “I’ve to be on the road for, like, 10 years, for this reason I’m just going come chill.” Instead, she’s to be acting as a referee on ABC’s show, American Idol. But, in February that this year, Perry released her an initial track in some time. A participation with Zedd, the monitor is titled, 365.

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Although she’s no stranger come controversy, Perry appears to it is in doing fine in her personal life, having discovered love again with actor Orlando Bloom. The two were involved on Valentine’s Day and now store the media ~ above its toe guessing when the wedding will take place.

This year she has actually been quiet around spiritual issues, because the media has been mostly focused on her partnership status, but we deserve to assume her spiritual attitude is similar to what it was in 2017, when she had her spiritual awakening. The great news is, Perry appears to have found happiness and also that’s miscellaneous we deserve to all agree she deserves.