Sometimes rightful heirs room left the end of inheritance because of legal loopholes that other family members take benefit of, however this isn’t the instance here. David Cassidy plainly did not want Katie to inherit anything from him. “It is my specific intent not to carry out any benefits hereunder come Katherine Evelyn Cassidy and/or any type of descendant that Katherine Evelyn Cassidy,” his will says in the very beginning. If not his daughter, then that did inherit his estate and possessions?

Cut the end Of Will

All the his “music memorabilia” was willed to David’s three fifty percent brothers, Shaun, Ryan, and also Patrick Cassidy. David was the child of Jack Cassidy and also Evelyn Ward, when Shaun, Ryan, and also Patrick to be the boy of Shirley Jones, who played Shirley Partridge. Jack married she after his first marriage to Ward disintegrated. After an superior musical job that extended from the so late 1960s until the year he died, the items the left his siblings space worth a lot. Together for the remainder of his estate, it went to one more family member.

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Music Memorabilia

David Cassidy willed the remainder of estate to his only son, Beau. When his inheritance was appraised at part $150,000, some discussed that debts could reduce this amount to zero. However, current reports indicate that a life insurance setup Cassidy took out may raise the lot Beau is due to some $1.6 million. What could Katie have done come deserve such a cold perspective from her father? She to be left the end of the will, however this wasn’t the very first time the threw she shade.

Leaving It to Beau

Whatever the legal standing of Katie Cassidy, it’s clear the she yes, really is a chip turn off the old block. For one, she has clearly inherited her dad’s good looks. She’s best known for she TV functions in reflects like Arrow and Supernatural. You might additionally know she from the Selena Gomez movie Monte Carlo. “Do not work for money,” David counseled her. “Do not job-related for fame. Work for the work. And also if you acquire a great role and they market you nothing, take it it.”

A many In Common

It’s hard to understand why David Cassidy didn’t empathize far better with his daughter, together he part of The Partridge Family. The reality is David Cassidy was over 18 when he ended up being a teen heartthrob. He had also worked hard and also even carry out on Broadway before he became known together David Partridge in living rooms across America. In truth, that was only through his success top top TV that he ended up being such a music superstar. At his peak, his pan club rivaled the of the Beatles or Elvis.

His own Demons

However things turned out between them, the pair didn’t have much that a connection at all. She may have actually parted with him lovingly, but regardless the what changed between them, he didn’t have enough time to amend his will, if he therefore wished. “I wasn’t she father,” the admitted as late as 2017. “I to be her organic father however I didn’t raise her. She has actually a totally different life, I’m proud that her. She’s very talented. It’s tough for me to also accept exactly how old she is now.”

Not There

It’s not choose her father’s absence prevented Katie from having a family farming up; it simply didn’t indicate David Cassidy in any way. She stepfather is a respect doctor. In spite of this, she tote the Cassidy critical name, stressing a link that is no doubt an excellent to have actually in show business. Her parents had actually a brief relationship in the ’80s, and also Sherry Williams provided birth to her in 1986. At that time, he had not yet finalized his divorce with his second wife, Meryl Tanz.

Illegitimate Child

“I feel prefer there’s this preconceived concept that i come indigenous a family members of wealth and celebrity, the Cassidys, so ns think human being have this misunderstanding of myself when the truth is that I in reality didn’t thrive up v my biological father,” Katie explained. “I didn’t know him till I was in 4th grade, and then he ended up being a an excellent friend that mine. Yet I flourished up with my mom and also my stepdad and my sisters.” just like her biological father, she succeeded due to her very own talents.

Preconceived Notions

As because that David, he gained his begin on The Partridge Family and became a teenager idol in the 1970s. It would take numerous years prior to he involved terms v this image, as he would have actually liked to have fashioned himself after Mick Jagger. In the beginning, though, he operated his way up, play guest functions in shows like Ironside, Bonanza, clinical Center, and more. In 1970, he appeared on TV together David Partridge, which to be a function that would readjust his life forever.

Getting His Start

Indeed, the display probably would certainly not have actually succeeded in the same means without David Cassidy. Starring opposite his real-life stepmother, Shirley Jones, the music Partridge family members released albums that became huge hits and sold millions. The family’s biggest song was their debut, “I Think i Love You.” The entirety thing, though, to be a sham. Lock weren’t one actual household at all with the exception of Cassidy and also Jones. The various other members the the family just pretended castle were playing instruments.

Partridge Family

Cassidy’s co-star ~ above the show, stepmother Shirley Jones, was rather well-known prior to ever showing up on TV alongside her stepson for being a singer and actress. She to be the just singer under an individual contract v Rogers and also Hammerstein. Foreshadowing Cassidy’s death, Jones said in 2015, “We are simply scared to death that we room going to wake up one morning and find the end that the is dead ~ above the floor. David has actually not had actually a relationship with anyone in the household for years. We space sick over it!”

Shirley Jones

The attract of the show and also the music to be doubtlessly David Cassidy, who sang the command vocals. Teenage girls almost everywhere were fall in love with him in a method that was reminiscent of Beatlemania. He even supplanted the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel as soon as “I Think i Love You” sold much more records than either of this acts. His disdain for his status as a teenager idol carried him to act the end in windy to shot to adjust his image. He ultimately left and The Partridge Family ended.

Rise to Fame

He came to be one that the greatest draws, consistently playing in prior of 10s of hundreds of people approximately the world. His shows even had riots, v one 14-year-old girl passing away in the hospital after ~ a pre-existing heart problem got triggered during a door stampede in London. Clearly shaken to the core, an upset David addressed the press to refer his challenge making sense of the incident. That didn’t to visit the funeral regarding not attract the media, but spoke through her parents and also sent flowers.

Coming To terms With teenager Idol Status

In the ’80s, regardless of years being paid incredibly well, he stated he to be broke. He later on blamed supervisors for squandering the fortune he was making. “I was one of the wealthiest young masculine entertainers in the people then, but 10 years later I had nothing to display for it. Through the 1980s i was broke and also had to rebuild my life.” back he continued to be well-paid, gaue won woes would proceed to haunt him for the remainder of his life. Maybe he didn’t have much to leaving his daughter and also was sparing her debt?


From being one of the greatest paid performers in the world, in his later years that likely acquired comfort in inviting people who had actually been pan of his for years onstage to ask him questions challenge to face. In this years he additionally lost his Florida home after his divorce indigenous his third wife, Sue Shifrin, who is likewise the mother of Beau Cassidy. In 2017, that announced he had actually dementia. “I was in denial, yet a component of me constantly knew this to be coming,” the said…

Subsiding Cassidymania

What that was really in denial about, though, was the he to be a difficulty drinker. He an initial admitted having difficulties in 2008 and had numerous run-ins v the law prior to he visited rehab. The told his family he had given up drinking, yet he to be steadily emerging liver disease. “I have actually a liver disease. There is no sign of me having dementia at this phase of my life,” Cassidy admitted. His health troubles were brought about by the bottle, that added.

Dementia? Or an additional Problem

“…the fact is ns lied around my drinking,” Cassidy said prior to he happen away. ” i did it to myself, man. I did it to myself come cover the sadness and also the emptiness.” His family and also many close to him assumed the hadn’t touch the party for a while, however as fellow Partridge household member Danny Bonaduce explained: “When she an addict, you recognize you can’t be moral with people. You speak what you want them come hear.”

Dying native Liver Failure

David Cassidy’s fatality left millions of fans all over the world mourning. “David died surrounded by those the loved, with joy in his heart and totally free from the pains that had gripped him because that so long,” a statement released by the family members said. Out of respect for his family’s privacy, the decision was made come cremate his human body in a personal ceremony and scatter his ashes. However why walk he decision to allocate his funds far from his just daughter?

Sad Passing

Indeed, this is do even an ext strange by statements the Katie Cassidy make after David’s death. When she was increased by her stepfather, after ~ David’s death she said, “My organic father and also I had actually a really great relationship at one point. That was one of my nearby friends and also gave me exorbitant advice.” This is hardly the kind of thing you would intend an estranged daughter to say with the happen of her father, specifically considering the fact that that left she nothing. What to be going top top behind the scenes?

“One Of my Close Friends”

As component of the Cassidy family, Katie has actually a long list of showbiz veterans in she life besides her father, as she is likewise related come Evelyn Ward and, with marriage, Shirley Jones. She mother, Sherry Williams, to be a ’70s high fashion design who played in part acting roles too in later on years. So when a 15-year-old Katie covered her father’s classic “I think i Love You” from 1970, you’d think her dad would certainly throw she his support, yet he threw she shade.

Her Start

According come David Cassidy, his daughter was far too young and hadn’t yet “paid her dues” together a singer. Many thanks for the support, dad! Admittedly, David to be quite missing from Katie’s at an early stage life. She doesn’t remind him ever before being there till the fourth grade. Indeed, they to be estranged for much of her life, although that adjusted eventually. It was clear that David had quite a little bit of his own demons to attend to before he would enjoy a happy partnership with his daughter.

Hadn’t Paid she Dues

Even though David to be harsh v his daughter, he really assisted her out. The being said, the didn’t start pulling strings associated to world in the industry, to our knowledge. Instead, Katie said, “He left me through really good advice. He was like: ‘Don’t ever stop going come class. That’s wherein you should put her money.’ and also that’s what ns do, and I’ve been able to go from nothing to where I am today and also it’s developed confidence and also self-esteem.”

Great Advice

David Cassidy left countless things behind, having actually touched the lives of millions with his music. ~ above a personal level, though, his ailing wellness at the end was maybe to bring his family members together, including his daughter, Katie. Although points haven’t always seemed come be an excellent between them, they reportedly made their peace in the end. However the will remained unchanged. It can be the there wasn’t enough time to adjust it, or maybe there was an understanding with Beau. Regardless, David did leave Katie through a message…

What about The Will?

We wouldn’t understand anything around this, naturally, and it could an extremely well be the Katie gained nothing from her father. As for her father’s passing, Katie said People magazine, “My dad to be a wonderful, wonderful person. Sadly, he had some demons.” also if the left her the end of his will, it doesn’t mean David left Katie with nothing, as she still has a family. Katie’s remarks after David’s death proved how much positivity David left behind because that his family.

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Focusing ~ above The Positivity

“Obviously, it’s been a hard year. It is a given,” Katie stated to People magazine. “Even though the lose of my father was hard, that really brought my uncles, myself and also my brother back together. Ns think it is the silver- lining.” Indeed, on an additional occasion she addressed she father’s passing, saying, “There is a silver lining in every one of that. Girlfriend live and learn and it has carried my household closer with each other so I’m thankful for that.”

Silver Lining

At the finish of the day, Katie Cassidy didn’t receive anything from her father in death, just as it remained in life. And to it is in fair, she appears to be an ext than all ideal with that since that’s how it’s been for her totality life. “I wasn’t offered anything ~ above a silver platter,” she said. “I had to work for it. I had to struggle. Mine parents no like: ‘Hi, this is a to trust fund.’ They were like: ‘Hi, go construct some character and also some strength.’”

Leaving her Out

Although she to be upset around this once she to be 17, currently things have changed, she said. Furthermore, “now I’m grateful,” she revealed. “Hard work-related pays off. And that’s why every examine I ever got I placed towards acting class to better myself, because you can’t avoid learning. You can always continuously learn and also I constantly want to it is in evolving v my craft. If you have actually goals and also dreams, you’ve obtained to job-related at them. And also in time, points will come into fruition.”

Hard Work

David Cassidy may have actually passed indigenous this world, but he left Katie a article that resonated with her. She was through him up to the very end, together their family members had come together in his last hours. “So lot wasted time,” he reportedly said to those approximately him prior to passing. “This will be a daily reminder because that me come share mine gratitude with those i love regarding never waste another minute….thank you,” Katie said via Twitter.

So lot Wasted Time

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