Hoda Kotb paid a visit to Andy Cohen’s “Watch What happens Live” Thursday night, and when the host asked she if she"s quiet in touch with Kathie Lee Gifford, he got an ext than a an easy yes or no.

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Cohen got a scoop!

HodaKotb reaction to Ellen DeGeneres" decision to leaving daytime television. #WWHL pic.twitter.com/lLqYwy3fsV

— WWHL (

Not only does the this particular day co-anchor still talk to her previous fourth hour co-host (and text — “a lot”), she had great news come report around her pal.

“She’s happy,” Hoda said. “She’s in love.”

That earn a round of applause in the “WWHL” clubhouse.

“She’s in love, she’s in Nashville, she’s singing ...” Hoda continued. “She’s doing all the things she enjoys.”

Of course, Hoda’s upgrade doesn’t come as a complete surprise — at the very least not to any type of of Kathie Lee’s pan who’ve been paying attention.


In April, when Kathie Lee last paid a visit to silverlakestyle.com, she revealed that she was in a “special relationship.”

“I’m in a really special relationship with someone that is nice and fun and also healthy, and so it is good,” she explained at the time. “It’s just happy, and I don’t want to mess it up. Ns probably already have by just even mentioning it.”

She went on to explain her fella as “the smartest person I’ve ever before met” and “funny” and also said the their budding romance, at this phase in she life, is “exactly what i need and also exactly what i want.”


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Kathie Lee to be married to NFL star and sportscaster frank Gifford for virtually 30 years, until his death in 2015.

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After such a loss, she said that currently “to it is in in a place where girlfriend feel prefer every facet of your life is good, that nothing’s absent ... It is a beautiful location to be.”

Or together Hoda put it throughout her chat through Cohen, “When girlfriend think you’re in ~ the finish of a chapter, she’s living proof that you have actually no idea.”

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