Much has been made of the coalminers and tradesmen in Kate Middleton’s family members tree, yet what about her imperial links? Genealogist Patrick Cracroft-Brennan analyses her ancestry for Channel 4 News.

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Is wilhelm ‘more royal’ than his father?

“You cant yes, really say that. Prince Charles descends native a long straight line that British, Scottish, English, Norman and Saxon kings, stretching earlier quite literally right into the mists of time. The is, to coin a phrase, as imperial as they come.

“A the majority of his ancestry through his father and also his mother father is ‘foreign royalty’ i beg your pardon through various cousin marriages has actually reinforced his lower from the Hanoverian kings.

More indigenous Channel 4 News - Kate Middleton: the middle-class princess“The Queen’s parents were distantly related, yet no closer than Prince William and Kate are. The Prince of Wales’s marital relationship to Lady Diana Spencer introduced new albeit illegitimate lines of lower from the later on Stuart queens of England and Scotland.”

What titles does Kate Middleton get by marrying Prince William?

“As points stand in ~ the moment, Kate will come to be “Her royal Highness The Princess william of Wales”.

“It is widely projection that Prince William will certainly be made a Royal fight it out on the morning that his wedding, in which instance Kate i do not care ‘Her royal Highness The Duchess of X’.

“There space a number of ducal titles that room traditionally used by the royal Family. Edinburgh, Cornwall, Rothesay, York, Gloucester and Kent are all in present use, Cumberland, Teviotdale and Albany room not available, therefore the possibilities are it will be either Cambridge, Clarence, Sussex, Strathearn or St Andrews.

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“She will come to be the second highest ranking lady in the floor after the Queen, therefore she will outrank every the ladies in the Royal family apart indigenous the Queen and the Duchess of Cornwall.”

Patrick Cracroft-Brennan is the editor that Cracroft’s Peerage – a guide to brothers peerage, baronetage and also an online database because that family background researchers.