In a wide-ranging interview with the New York Times, he also announced plans for an eco-village, referred to as Birthday Lake, and a plan to put much more prayer in schools.

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Kanye West may have missed his opportunity to it is in on the majority of ballots because that the 2020 presidential election, however even if he doesn’t win any states this time around, he’s currently promised to operation again in 2024. That is, once he’s done tweeting out the an individual phone number of Forbes Media’s chief content officer, Randall Lane, and also videos the what shows up to it is in him peeing top top his very own Grammy Awards.

West went on a tweeting spree on Wednesday ~ the New York Times published a new interview in i m sorry the rapper and also Birthday Party candidate revealed his presidential platform, which consists of restoring prayer in the classroom, giving more government assistance to spiritual groups, reforming the police, and reducing household and also student loan debt. And while he’s pro-life, that said, “I don’t want to half or stop or suggest fingers at anything,” but instead, develop “stipends for households that need support, creating orphanages that are really high-level desirable for human being to go to, and also the redesign that communities and also cities in basic to be sustaining of families.” He likewise wants to construct an “eco-village” called Birthday Lake wherein mothers can “safely suffer pregnancy & birth” and also children can be cared for afterward.

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He’s likewise apparently “asked his project staff to stop from ‘fornicating’ external of marriage, follow to people aiding his candidacy.” several of those civilization include Mercury publicly Affairs, a bipartisan political consulting firm, return a spokesperson told the paper, “Our role was minimal to help the campaign get began up, generally by helping to recruit a ballot access team and launch the effort…. That taken place weeks ago, finishing our involvement.” West’s additionally enlisted the assist of Republican-oriented for sure Atlas Strategy Group and several Republican operatives, “including Lane Ruhland, an choice lawyer who has worked for the Trump campaign in Wisconsin; Rachel George, a Republican consultant in Colorado; and also Atlas’s Gregg Keller, the former executive manager of the American Conservative Union.” This team the Republicans functioning on the rapper’s behalf might lend additional credence to the theory that Donald Trump is making use of him as a spoiler candidate to try and sabotage Joe Biden.

West additionally confirmed that, no matter the outcome, his presidential campaign won’t involved an end in November. The told the Times, “The reason why I know eventually—eventually could be three months, eventually could be three and also a half years—the reason why I eventually will do a great president is due to the fact that I’m sensitive. I’m below to serve. Also as a Gemini, i feel the energy in the room, I check out body language, I review this energy, and also I hurt. I hurt for the country, i hurt not simply Black people, but all civilization of America. And also I hurt for all people of the world.”

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