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Margaret June Blair to be born in san Francisco, California top top October 20, 1933. She came to be a model and also an actress. Throughout the 1950s, June appeared in attribute films and also in minor and guest-starring functions on tv shows. In 1957, she had a small component in an illustration of Bachelor dad entitled "Bentley matches the Girl Scouts" (Season 1, illustration 2, waiting Date: September 29, 1957). She additionally played the function of Anita Callahan in a 1959 episode of the adventure collection Hawaiian Eye licensed has been granted "Three tickets to Lani" (Season 1, episode 8, waiting Date, November 25, 1959). She to be Playboy magazine"s" Playmate that the Month because that its January 1957 issue.In 1957, June ended up being engaged to singer/actor Nino Tempo and was the catalyst for his song, "Looney end Juney." In 1958, she broke off her engagement come Tempo and began dating Lindsay Crosby, ice cream Crosby"s son. Listed below is a 1958 press photo of Lindsay escorting June to the Coral Casino in Santa Barbara, California, where Bing offered as a commentator for a fashion show.

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In 1959, gossip columnists started linking June come singer Bobby Darin, so lot so that she felt compelled to create a windy disclaimer. In an post that appeared in the respectable 1960 concern of Movie winter magazine, June denied having actually a romance through Bobby. She stated categorically that they were just great friends. She also emphasized the they were no engaged and also as much as she was concerned, not in love. According to June, she and also Bobby an initial met in ~ the State Brothers society on the Hollywood piece in beforehand 1960. She had actually gone there v Nino Tempo and Bobby to be accompanied through his agent. It"s amazing to keep in mind that Darin married actress Sandra Dee top top December 1, 1960.
June Blair"s Movie Mirror short article is online and if friend would favor to check out it in that is entirety, click on the attach below.
June made guest appearances in 1960 episodes of together TV shows as Sea Hunt, M. Squad and also The Chevy an enig Show. From 1960 to 1961, she played the function of Julie Greer in number of episodes the the Western collection Two encounters West. Then come some big changes in she life.

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~ above on might 20, 1961, June married David Nelson, kid of television stars Ozzie and also Harriet, The nuptials took location at woodland Lawn Cemetery"s Church of the Hills and also David"s younger brother, Ricky Nelson, was the best man. The pair had 2 sons, Daniel Blair Nelson (born respectable 20, 1962) and also James Eric Nelson (born June 8, 1966).
June and David Nelson
After her marriage to David Nelson, June joined the cast ofThe Adventures of Ozzie and also Harriet. David"s actual life wife ended up being his tv wife and she remained with the series until it was cancelled in 1966 (She take it a one-year sabbatical ~ the birth of she son, Daniel in in 1962). Her last appearance on the present was in an illustration entitled "Dave"s various other Office" (Season 14, illustration 24, waiting Date: march 12, 1966). Two an ext episodes that the series were aired (March 19, 1966 and also March 26) in which she did no appear.June Blair did not proceed her exhilaration career whenthe Adventures of Ozzie and also Harriet finished its run. Due to the fact that that time, she has lived a an extremely private life, far from the spotlight. June is now 83 and it is very challenging to find current information about her. No recent photographs of her appear to be publicly available. Young Daniel and also James have likewise been maintaining a short profile and also there is very tiny information around them.END NOTES
* according tothe fan magazines that the 1950s, June was raised in foster homes and suffered abuse in them.* June and also David Nelson divorced in 1975. That same year, top top September 3, 1975, David wed Yvonne O"Connor Huston. He adopted Yvonne"s three kids from a previous marriage - 2 sons called John and also Eric and a daughter called Teri. The marital relationship lasted until David"s death.* David"s stepdaughter, Teri Nelson, was married come game show host chuck Woolery native 1985 until 2004. * David Nelson became a successful producer. He passed away of colon cancer top top January 11, 2011 in ~ the age of 74. A tv writer who interviewed David a couple of years before death has informed me that according to David, June initiated your divorce and that she strongly disliked the limelight.- Joanne