Former "Bachelorette" JoJo Fletcher has been waiting a lengthy time to acquire married to her final rose pick, Jordan Rodgers. As fans recall, the at sight good-looking couple first got engaged on the ABC reality love show in 2016 (via USA Today). Then, in 2019, Rodgers request Fletcher to it is in his wife again, share the proposal top top Instagram. As a inscription to a take self featuring the reality stars and a big piece of jewel Rodgers wrote, "I always wanted come re-propose, v no cameras, no producers, no drama...just us."

He added, "Our an initial engagement to be so real, and also meant so much to united state both, however as we begin to actually setup our wedding for next year I wanted to perform it everywhere again, OUR street! So ns bought a brand-new ring, made a arrangement (that virtually fell personally multiple times), and got down on one knee everywhere again."

Good thing the couple is provided to their plans falling personally multiple times, because Fletcher recently mutual their wedding has been delayed, again. Speak to united state Weekly, the previous "Bachelorette" revealed going v the flow has become the surname of the video game for their prenuptial planning.

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"This has been just a really fluid situation and also one that ns feel like Jordan and I have actually done a really great job that rolling v the punches and just realizing that a most it"s out of our control," Fletcher stated to united state Weekly around the current status that the couple"s wedding plan.

It turns out their initial wedding date was postponed by a year as result of COVID-19 security restrictions. The star more explained, "When us rescheduled it because that this year, the was an alleged to it is in this month. And when we had actually to do our final call, our venue is still at a 10-person best capacity."

Although friends motivated her to adjust the venue, Fletcher chose this wasn"t one option, telling Us, "It"s no that easy since there"s a lot of money tied up that us wouldn"t have the ability to get back!"

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For now, the pair is considering other dates, v Fletcher noting, "Unfortunately, it is not what we expected, however we"re staying positive about when the does happen."

She also confided that she might decide come wear a various dress than the one she choose out three years ago, informing Us Weekly, "Like the dress that ns ordered, it came in during COVID I had actually not also picked it up yet. Haven"t even seen it. It will be three years old, probably, by the time I ever get to wear it. Therefore yeah, i might try on costume again."

Meanwhile, in 2019 Fletcher called Brides she plans to don 2 wedding costume on her huge day, "That is one point that ns know about this wedding. I will have much more than one dress!" She included she really hopes to have actually a lot of friends around her once she makes dress decisions, noting, "It"s together a funny moment and the much more opinions the better. Even though a many brides don"t agree with that, I prefer the opinions!"