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It has been an amazing year and a fifty percent for Jon Jones.

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The UFC’s no. 1 ranked men’s pound-for-pound fighter protected his irradiate heavyweight title successfully against Dominick Reyes in ~ UFC 247.

He then relinquished the title later in the year with intentions the going approximately heavyweight to try and add another belt come his lengthy list that accolades in the sports of blended martial arts.

But right as soon as it appeared he to be going to do the jump, every little thing was thrown into limbo.

There to be a windy spat in between Jones and UFC president Dana White the night of UFC 260 once Francis Ngannou knocked the end Stipe Miocic because that the heavyweight title.

From there, the narrative showed up as if no. 2 ranked heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis was next in heat to be Ngannou’s an initial challenger.

Jones also parted methods from his longtime managers Malki and also Abraham Kawa of first Round Management and also hired longtime boxing promoter Richard Schaefer to it is in his advisor.

Despite a change in managerial services, it still go not appear Jones has actually gotten any kind of closer to the potential superfight through Ngannou.

But follow to Jones, he is in no sirloin to do a go back to the octagon, and that he does not desire to rush the procedure of appropriately transitioning from irradiate heavyweight come heavyweight.

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I recognize lots of castle do, that’s why I’m no going to enable anyone to sirloin me. Coming to be a heavy weight is a major process. No many human being understands what it takes to do it the ideal way. Okay be ago when I’m great and ready. Https://t.co/BqOLpugvhc

— BONY (
JonnyBones) June 25, 2021

It would absolutely hurt mine speed and cardio if ns was to shot and sirloin the process. Achieve greatness no something that’s excellent overnight, that takes patience and consistency sometimes. Right now my best fight is in the gym job by day. Getting much more gold will certainly come later https://t.co/4QJ18L3FdE

— BONY (
JonnyBones) June 25, 2021

While Dana White claimed Ngannou-Lewis II is collection to take place at some allude this Summer, that is clear the the potential superfight in between Jon Jones and also Ngannou is a fight that is far an ext desired by fans.

Not to mention it will most likely generate significantly much more revenue because that the promotion.

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Jones, 33, has actually not fought since Feb. 2020 and by the looks of it, walk not show up he will be fighting any time soon.