John Travolta is recognized for being among Scientology’s many fervent supporters. One tabloid is saying the the actor is pulling away from the Church the Scientology after the death of his wife. Gossip Cop investigates.

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Is john Travolta leaving The Church?

In Touch is reporting that john Travolta is all set to leaving Scientology for an excellent and pour out its tricks to the public. This come close come a year after ~ his lover wife, Kelly Preston, passed away of chest cancer. The magazine did not reveal what about his wife’s death would cause his departure yet did discover an unnamed inside source willing to talk around the situation. “Friends room whispering the he’s all set to spill all of Scientology’s tricks not the he’s breaking far from the church,” the insider reveals. “It would offer him closure – and also it’s the church’s biggest nightmare.”

(In Touch)

As evidence, the outlet points come Travolta’s recent listing the his residence next to the church’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, and also his Maine residence that’s alongside Scientologist Kirstie Allen. It also argues the the reality that he didn’t especially thank the company in his statement ~ Preston’s death shows the her passing affected his partnership with Scientology.

Travolta to know plenty around the controversial church’s secrets to hide, follow to the source. “He could expose share church information. The church has likewise been accused of exploiting children, perpetuating violence versus members in its Sea Org branch, and also even hiding money in Australia.” The source also include Travolta could assist out the plaintiffs in plenty of of the recurring lawsuits against the church. “He can single-handedly bring down the entirety church,” the insider claims in closing.

What’s really Going On v John Travolta

Gossip Cop can say man Travolta is no leaving the church at any time soon. Once his kid Jett tragically passed in 2009, the Pulp Fiction star apparently relied on the church to acquire through his pain. “I will certainly forever be thankful to Scientology for supporting me for two years solid, I mean Monday through Sunday. They didn’t take it a job off, functioning through different angles of the methods to gain through grief and also loss, and also to do me feeling that lastly I could get through a day,” the said during an interview in ~ the Theatre imperial Drury roadway in London in 2014.

It is true he newly sold his Florida house close to Scientology headquarters, however he still has a link close by. It’s scummy to turn a widower moving on native the dwellings he common with his now-deceased wife right into a story about his religion’s legitimate battles. While Travolta has yet to credit transaction the church with helping him obtain through his wife’s death, he hasn’t left yet. Us don’t mean this to it is in the last time we hear this narrative, however.

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Since Preston’s passing, In Touch has actually run this exact story twice before. The very first one was published immediately after the actress’ death, with the outlet wasting no time in utilizing her happen to try to market magazines. In the article, the publication tried to happen off Travolta’s statement around “taking part time” together the gibbs stepping far from the church and not public appearances and also social media, which is totally false. In February, the publishing ran a similar story, speak the actor was breaking away from the religion. A rep for the gibbs told Gossip Cop at the time that that wasn’t true. We can bet Travolta isn’t leaving the church anytime soon.

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