JODI Arias is a judge killer who brutally murdered ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

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She is serving a life sentence.


Travis Alexander and also Jodi AriasCredit:

Here is more on the case.

Who is Jodi Arias?

Arias to be convicted of murdering ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander - that feared he would be discovered dead together his ex stalked him.

The aspiring “sex-crazed” photographer had been obsessed with her former flame, which culminated in her killing him and then attempting come cover she tracks.

What happened to Travis Alexander?

Arias murdered Travis, a motivational speaker, in June 2008.

The pair separation up in 2007 however continued to exchange clearly texts.

Arias to be obsessed v her former partner, the psychological heard, and also began come stalk Travis.

She proved up in ~ his house with a knife and also pistol and also attacked Alexander.


The pair to be 'sex-crazed'Credit:

His human body was discovered days later in a shower in ~ his home in Mesa, Arizona, by came to friends.

His corpse to be badly decomposed and also bloated. Stab and slash wounds were found.

On examination, the was discovered to have actually been shot in the head, had his throat slashed and was stabbed 29 times.

There were cuts on his hands arguing he tried to defend himself.

Is Jodi tho in prison?

Arias is right now locked up in the Arizona State Prison facility where she will spend the remainder of she life.


Arias is offer a life sentence

Reportedly, only one juror stood between a life sentence and also the fatality penalty in Arias's trial.

“Eleven of us strived because that justice for Travis, but to no avail,” one of the jurors said in a team audio news conference following the decision reading, according to ABC.

“We absolutely assumed need to be death.”

Did she confess come the murder?

After being arrested and also quizzed through cops she first spun a home invasion story.

But climate she admitted gift the killer, although she declared to be exhilaration in self-defense.

The highly-publicized trial thorough the couple’s sadomasochistic love-life and rocky relationship.

Is she gift released indigenous prison?

Arias is offer a life sentence and will not be exit from prison.


She will certainly not it is in releasedCredit: Rex Features

She is offer the sentence without possibility of parole.

Is Jodi mormon? 

Arias convert to Mormonism in 2006 when she started to day Alexander, that was currently a devout Mormon.

Although they to be outwardly dedicated to your faith, they immediately occurred a sex-related relationship, regardless of the religion's strict half on premarital sex.

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How have the right to I watch the Jodi Arias documentary?

Jodi Arias: an American Murder an enig is available to clock on Hulu. It's a three part documentary detailing the cold-blooded murder of Alexander and also the disturbing case that captivated our nation.


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