Watch Joan Jett Wow rock Hall with Dave Grohl, Miley Cyrus

Tommy James also joined singer for “Crimson & Clover”

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Joan Jett and also the Blackheartsopened up this year’sRock and Roll room of Fameinduction ceremony with a punk-inflected set, bolstered by some high-profile guests.

The singer, that wore a black color leather jacket, started her set with the anthem “Bad Reputation,” set against black color & white pics of she flipping the bird. Once the tune was done, she welcomed some surprising guest onstage – Foo fighters frontman Dave Grohl and original Blackhearts bassist Gary Ryan – because that a snarling rendition that the Runaways’ “Cherry Bomb.”

For her following number, she hit covering of Tommy James and also the Shondells’ “Crimson & Clover,” she invited a “friend that mine”: Tommy James. And, because that’s not enough, Miley Cyrus – that inducted the rocker into the room – chimed in ~ above the refrain. (Cyrus would later tell a story around smoking weed with Jett in a hotel bathroom, deeming she “what a superwoman really must be.”)

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Grohlhadwords of worship for Jett critical year, once she helped him out for his induction. “She’s whatever that Nirvana was standing for,” Grohl claimed of Joan Jett in 2014, after Ms. “Bad Reputation” herself joined him and also Nirvana-mate Krist Novoselic for a blast through “Smells prefer Teen Spirit” at last year’s induction. “She’s a powerful, rebellious, musical pressure of nature. We couldn’t think the anyone much better to join us.” Grohl previously co-wrote “Any Weather” v Jett for her 2013 albumUnvarnished.

Of course, no one loves (or delivers) rock &roll quite choose Jett, who honed she no-bullshit chops and also attitude as a member of groundbreaking all-girl Seventieshard rockers the Runaways, and also subsequently blazed a trail with her Gibson Melody machine that’s been complied with by countless musicians — both female and also male — over the occurring decades.

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For Jett, who delivered her power Saturday night with the exact same intensity that’s significant every gig she’s ever before played, there to be a specific sense of city to gift inducted into the hall at a ceremony hosted in Cleveland. “Some of mine earliest an excellent memories of playing on the roadway are from there,” she called Rolling Stone in December, top top receiving the big news. “I psychic a most the Runaways’ early large gigs and also successful shows and also actually some of our early on bootlegs were excellent in Cleveland. I’ve always had a an excellent respect for the town. I actually filmed a movie in Cleveland in 1986 referred to as Light that Day v Michael J. Fox. Bruce Springsteen created the title track. Us did a pair months the filming in Cleveland and some live footage, for this reason it’s constantly been part of mine life and career. Ns think it’s real and it’s fitting the I’d go in there.”

It’s also fitting that Jett would be inducted on the very same night as Lou Reed and also Green Day. “The Runaways covered Lou Reed’s ‘Rock and also Roll’ ~ above the an initial album,” she called Rolling Stone. “We go means back with Lou.” and if Reed influenced her music, there’s no inquiry that she buzzsaw brand that hooky etc rock consequently influenced eco-friendly Day. (Just play “Bad Reputation” and also “American Idiot” earlier to back, and see what we mean.) “One that the an initial records that Mike and I had, that must have actually been 1983, was I Love Rock and Roll,” eco-friendly Day frontman billie Joe Armstrong told Rolling Stone. “The way that she is simply this badass woman and also probably the shit she had to resolve in a male-dominated absent scene, it’s simply an respect to be side-by-side with her.”

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Although her road-hardened outfit the Blackhearts were also inducted besideher, Jett says she’d like to see her original band receive some acknowledgment from the Hall, together well. “I think the Runaways worthy it since of what we created,” she said Rolling Stone. “I think that’s component of the criteria. If we did, it would certainly be an amazing thing. It would certainly speak a lot come the growth of the method that world look at music. Ns don’t mean that, necessarily, and I don’t not intend that. We’ll just have to wait and see. The would an excellent if also we to be nominated.”

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