HOMESTEAD, FL – NOVEMBER 20: Jimmie Johnson, driver of the #48 Lowe’s Chevrolet,poses because that a portrait after ~ winning the 2016 NASCAR sprint Cup SeriesChampionship at Homestead-Miami Speedway in Homestead, Florida. (Photo byJonathan Ferrey/NASCAR via Getty Images)

In 2021, after almost two decades, Jimmie Johnson will no longer be top top the NASCAR net on a full-time basis. In essence, he is stepping away from the NASCAR step to discover other avenues.

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Now, his latest venture is the IndyCar collection with Chip Ganassi Racing, control on the roadway courses.

However, he spoke to ‘NASCAR Live’ previously this year, long before the announcement, about life away from the sport.

He said, “There’s some sports auto races that I always wanted come experience. Various cars the I constantly wanted to drive and also experience. It’s about those experiences. I acknowledge that ns on the larger side and also IndyCar can seem like a stunner destination.”

Despite this, Johnson believes that he can pull it off, regardless of his age. He additionally declared that he to be willing to accept that risk and also do it.

Talking about dirt racing, that confessed that he would choose to go back and perform it again in ~ some point in his life. When it involves sports vehicle racing, Johnson is already taking a action in that direction through the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona race in January 2021.

What rather did Jimmie Johnson say?

Moving away from racing, all he wants is some time to spend with his family. In other words, he simply wants a social life to balance out his skilled life.

Of course, the constant traveling will certainly leave tiny time for households to it is in together. Even if they have the right to travel to several of the races, they won’t be roughly all the time.

Avondale, Arizona, USA; NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson prior to the last race of his job at the NASCAR Cup collection Championship at Phoenix Raceway. Mandatory Credit: note J. Rebilas-USA this particular day Sports

Now that Jimmie Johnson has actually officially retirement from NASCAR, he has the liberty to do whatever he wants. While he’s crossing off the IndyCar collection as the first item top top his bucket list, he has actually tons of options ahead that him.

In all honesty, Johnson is merely doing it simply for the funny of it; that does not really have actually anything come prove anymore. He has already established himself together a legend in the NASCAR scene, and the IndyCar series is now his come conquer.


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