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The well known story of O.J. Simpson is one every sports fan has actually heard.

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The former USC and also Buffalo bills running earlier was a doubt in the murder the his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and also her girlfriend Ron Goldman at your Brentwood home, but he was later acquitted that the crimesdespite having led police top top a high-speed follow in his Ford Bronco.

Although acquitted of the crime, that was found liable in a civil suit by Goldman’s family and was required to pay end $33 million as a an outcome of the victims’ wrongful deaths.

Simpson’s Los Angeles twin murder trial is one of the most renowned in U.S. History, even being called as the Trial of the Century, during which Simpson was represented by Robert Kardashian, but we won’t dive into the details the the trial here.

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Instead, we’ll emphasis on Simpson’s children, that were present in the home when Nicole and Ronald Goldman were slain.

OJ Simpson’s children Now

OJ Simpson's daughter Sydney then , and now in ~ 30 year old. Pic.twitter.com/tiLAQ2L0uQ

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