about three thousand years earlier King David left Hebron for Jerusalem, in his vision, a large main and vital goal – the unification of Israel about one capital city

David`s son, Solomon, established the very first Temple on mountain Moriah, which rises slightly north of the City that David. Here in fact was created the an initial deep connection to Jerusalem by King David, i beg your pardon is installed deeply into the history of Israel.

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Today the City of David is a small magical hill located near the western Wall. That covers one area of about 60 acres, from wherein you have the right to enjoy a range of tours and activities that take visitors to a fascinating historic journey to the job of the very first Temple, a period of ancient Jerusalem.

City the David link - Silwan Viallage
Photo: Ron Peled

A little of geography

At the beginning, Jerusalem was situated on an east hill, towering to a elevation of 743 meters over sea level. The hill lies on the southerly slopes of the mountain Moriah, surrounded on all sides by hills (as written in Psalms – Jerusalem surrounded by mountains), holy place Mount come the north, mount of Olives come the east, mountain Zion come the west and to the south Armon Hanatsiv (High Commissioner’s Palace) ridge.

On the east, the City the David is tied by Kidron Valley, in the west the key valley is the sink of Tyropoeon. The north border of Jerusalem was more or less where the road now goes external the southern wall surface of the old city.

Details do matter - what girlfriend see?" and also David built roundabout indigenous Millo and also inward." (2 Samuel, thing 5:9). This verse refers to the publication of Samuel as soon as King David decided to take it Jerusalem and also build the city together the capital of Israel. As soon as King David cleared up in the city, its name is associated with his name.

 This partnership is in reality the essence of gift of the human being living in this country and also anyone that tours the area, cannot assist but think of David and his work, the relationship in between man and the land, bought frequently painfully, by the sword and also blood.

The enntrance gate to the Warren Shaft device
Photo: Ron Peled
King Solomon, David’s son, knew the importance of his father"s social Project, and also built the holy place on the hill surrounding to the city. Structure the temple has developed a brand-new district to the phibìc of the City approximately the 8th century BCE, prolonging the area of Jerusalem to around 130 dunam (~33 acres).

With the death of King Solomon, the kingdom was separation into the Kingdom the Judah and also Israel, and also Jerusalem remained only the resources of the Kingdom the Judah. After ~ the Assyrian conquest of the Kingdom of Israel and also the exile that the ten people a large flow of refugees concerned Jerusalem.

The city expanded and encompassed the whole western hill, apparently including the areas today well-known as the Jewish Quarter, the Armenian Quarter and Mount Zion external the walls of the Old City of today. During the reign of Hezekiah the city was surrounded by a wall, and the Gihon spring was directed into and under the city.

Uncover and discover the city of David

The City of David is in reality the old core the Jerusalem, native which the city grew and developed throughout history. A arsenal of archaeological finds is a testimony and to a life time of activities that take it place right here before, during the first Temple era roughly 1000 BCE.

Excavations and also the artefacts discovered in the City of David room the earliest ancient finds discovered in Israel. The originality that the place, its holiness, the wars that take it place about the site, ignited the creativity of hundreds of archaeologists and also historians passionate to find the covert secrets that the past.

City of David & Silwan village
Photo: Gad Rize
Excavations began, in fact, 150 year ago, and also they persist it rotates date. The very first ancient relic that attracted the fist of researcher was the long tunnel (553 m) which to be winding native the Gihon spring and continued the pool south of the city.

In October 1867, the researcher, Captain Charles Warren arrived to explore the ancient area that sparked his imagination. Warren noticed the after walking for around 20 meter in the hewn tunnel indigenous the spring, he reached an intersection the tunnels.

The left one is the lengthy tunnel, Hezekiah"s tunnel, if the quick right tunnel get a vertical tower that dropped into further winding tunnels. This old water system was constructed to take advantage of the waters the the Gihon spring, and also is called after him, "Warren"s shaft System" the is taken into consideration one of the many surprising and important historical discoveries.

Following Warren added knowledge-thirsty scholars arrived: in the beforehand 20th century (1909-1911) it to be Parker, that exposed added rock-hewn tunnels from the spring and also with him came Father Weinsane who recorded the archaeological discoveries the the two revealed.

In the 70s and 80s of last century, excavations to be resumed and also Warren"s column is thought about one of the most impressive attractions in the city that David, this particular day it is open up so that many tourists have the right to come and be impressed by a tour to this terrific water system which was built thousands of year ago.

Apart indigenous the large tunnel device that visitors space exposed to, there room a collection of archaeological finds from extr periods, including two impressive structures built on the ground.

Have we found King David’s Palace?The City the David, the website where most of the chapters of the holy bible were written, offers attending visitors a distinctive experience the is a feast to their senses. The tourism includs a huge number of attractions: from tasks for youngsters through trips and also tours for adults.

The tour starts by city hall a three-dimensional exhibition in i m sorry viewers are exposed to the history of the place starting from the an initial Temple era until the existing day. Thousands of years of history are exposed come the audience throughout a fascinating 14 minutes, representing stories through a time tunnel of ancient Jerusalem.

The enntrance gate to The Siloam Tunnel
This fascinating historical story is ceded fluently by professional players who show the history of the place, that is bloody wars, the took place during various conquests that were an integral component of the site.

Wet TourFollowing the exhibit, visitors room invited to sign up with a guided tour of the secret water device of the City of David: The path goes v observing the whole landscape - from a structure which is taken into consideration the royal residence of David considering the truth that the is built on the highest suggest of the city. Indigenous the house of David we proceed to decline to the Gihon Spring.

The length of the tourism is roughly two hours and ends with a wet trip through Hezekiah Tunnel, carried out with flashlights and also is the highlight of the tour. Youngsters will really enjoy the immersion in water, while for adult it will be a refreshing endure after the trip.

The 3D Movie in ~ the City the David

To Armon Hanetsiv (Commissioner’s Palace)Among the excursions recommended because that the City the David is a tourism which contains the Commissioner’s royal residence promenade - among the most beautiful areas in town where you can feel immensely the sentence: " hill air clear as wine”.

This is one the locations recommended to watch the entirety city and also enjoy the breeze in the center of summer.

The promenade is specifically lovely in ~ sunset. Climate the sky turns native blue to purple, the soft lights of Jerusalem envelope the sights, making them important magic.

The promenade starts at Naomi Street in Abu Tor and also has number of levels, including countless olive trees, a wonderful tavern and also neat monitoring positions. The tour additionally goes v a lovely environment-friendly forest, a environment-friendly dot top top the tour, i beg your pardon is dubbed "the woodland of Peace."

It is exorbitant to walk around in this magical and also romantic place and feel the city, admire the beauty and also observe: end there temple Mount, climate Mount Scopus and then mountain of Olives. All these city sites room spread the end in front of the observers and are a celebration because that the eyes.

Incidentally the promenade is likewise called "Commissioner’s House" in the surname of the palace constructed by the brother High Commissioner that ruled the country during the brothers Mandate. The last British Commissioner left the nation in May, 1948, and also currently the UN headquarters resides here.

The world"s biggest Jewish cemetery

Another tour going out from the City the David is a tourism to mount Olives. The tour concentrates on the story of pilgrims who pertained to Mount Olives and the old cemetery where many prominent people are hidden from time immemorial increase to and also including previous Israeli prime Minister Menachem Begin and his wife Aliza Begin.

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A panoramic view to the old city from the mount of Olives

The highlight of these tours is a tourism taken onboard an open up safari automobile for 40 people. This tour takes an hour and a half and includs walking and also driving while passing basically all the above mentioned sites: the City that David, Armon Hanetsiv and Mount Olives.