Jerry Springer finished his long-running tabloid speak show, The Jerry Springer Show, in 2018 ~ 28 seasons. But the well known television organize is still in ~ it today, albeit in a slightly different format. Uncover out all around Springer"s recent gig as a TV judge and also what he"s act in 2021 below — to add the large question: is he a real judge?

Jerry Springer may have finished in 2018, but the male himself Jerry Springer is still providing everyday entertainment on tv today. Currently 77 years old, Springer has actually transitioned indigenous hosting his conflict-heavy tabloid show to miscellaneous a little more orderly: Judge Jerry.

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Judge Jerry: Jerry Springer"s new TV display airs in 2021

Judge Jerry debuted in late 2019 and, as the location suggests, it functions Springer together a courtroom judge, maybe in the legacy of Judy Judy. It"s currently aired over 100 episodes in a small over a year and it"s currently showing season 2 in the 2020-21 TV season.


Springer had actually claimed he planned to retire after ~ concluding his talk show, however he readjusted his mental after Judge Jerry come around. "I love law <Judge Jerry> since it"s the first grownup job I"ve had actually in 30 years," Springer stated in 2019. "I have to do research and I have to remember what i learned in legislation school and also practicing law. Ns really carry out my homework."


Is Jerry Springer a real judge?

As Springer referenced, he important did attend regulation school, earning a J.D. Level from Northwestern college in 1968. The was additionally a partner in a regulation firm native 1973 come 1985, however he had actually to take it a course to end up being a judge, follow to WFTV.

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So Judge Jerry isn"t an plot — Springer has actually a lift in law and is now qualified to it is in a real judge. The cases he handles room civil quite than criminal ones, but they still bring legal validity. Season 2 that Judge Jerry, shot between the pandemic, has also come with new precautions, consisting of separate filming locations for Springer and the defendants and also plaintiffs.