A one of a kind relationship! Donnie Wahlberg may have actually felt a spark as quickly as that met Jenny McCarthy in 2012, however it wasn’t till they reconnected ~ above her show one year later on that that made a move.

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In 2014, McCarthy and Wahlberg bound the knot and also offered pan a look in ~ their connection on A&E’s reality display Donnie Loves Jenny, i beg your pardon aired indigenous 2015 to 2016. Together the pair discovered themselves blending their family members together, Wahlberg gushed about how exceptional McCarthy to be to his children.

“Besides being the finest wife that I can have ever imagined having, she’s likewise the best stepmom and mother,” he told Us Weekly in November 2019. “She’s a an excellent partner and to leveling it, having actually someone to build traditions with my children and also it gift Jenny is more than likely the point I’m most grateful for.”

Wahlberg, who welcomed son Xavier in 1993 and also Elijah in 2001 with his ex-wife, Kim Fey, applauded his mam for developing such a household bond between everyone.

“Now our kids are seeing with both rusty and solitary parents and also the struggles we had early on and also past relationships currently to watch us building traditions and building this household together,” he added at the time. “Now our kids can view what the looks like and pass the onto their kids. So it’s other to truly be grateful.”

McCarthy, that welcomed boy Evan in 2002 v ex-husband John Mallory Asher, was just as dazzling by how her husband connected with she child.

“There’s no words the actually even come close to the meaning that ns feel. I’m most thankful for his unconditional love,” she thorough to Us at the time in a joint interview. “And not just for me though, to my son. Any solitary mom the knows our story have the right to understand that because I think that’s among our best concerns. Who going come love me with me and my boy or children. Is there anyone the end there, especially with distinct needs and the fact that this Romeo come along and also not just swooped me turn off my feet, yet my son and also our merged families love each other.”

Although the pair had such an expertise of one another, the actress opened up up around their decision to go to treatment to continue working on your marriage.

“Even Prince Charming and also the fairy story doesn’t come there is no work,” McCarthy said throughout an figure on The attracted Barrymore Show in April 2021. “I love him so lot as soon as ns met him, ns was like, ‘How perform I no mess this up? i’m going come ask him, before we also have our first fight, if we deserve to go to treatment together. He might think i’m crazy, yet I want to be able to figure out part tools and also discover how we both fight. Do both of united state shut down if we’re foolish at each other, or does one should communicate?"”

The design admitted that acquiring that aid allowed because that their relationship to thrive even more.

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“And by sit down through a therapist, and us figuring out, ‘Oh, that’s what you do as soon as you hit — this is what i do.’ and also then the therapist offered us devices to say, ‘OK, when this happens, this is what friend do,"” she shared.