"Ghost Whisperer" star Jennifer Love Hewitt has just given birth to her third child. In a cheeky Instagram write-up on Sept. 9, Love Hewitt evidenced that she had offered birth to she son, Aidan James, by posting a photograph of her infant bump adorned v stickers. "Well this is just how my youngsters sent me to the hospital," Love Hewitt captioned the post. "My belly was a large hit. "It is claimed that ladies leave your bodies in labor... They take trip to the stars to collect the souls of their babies, and return come this world together." It was my best honor come go and also collect girlfriend Aidan James. Now earlier to snuggles and also resting."

Love Hewitt shares her three children with she husband, Brian Hallisay. Follow to us Weekly, the pair first met ~ above the collection of "Love Bites" in 2011. The following year, the pair started working with each other yet again on "The client List," in which lock starred as an dissatisfied married couple. In 2013, the pair gained married after dating for a year. Since the pair to be married, Love Hewitt has actually been vocal around the special relationship that lock share. "The best thing ns have ever before done will always be marrying him, having our kids, and watching them readjust and thrive every day," Love Hewitt composed in one Instagram post, via Closer Weekly.

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Keep reading to learn more about Love Hewitt"s husband.

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Before pursuing a job in acting, Jennifer Love Hewitt"s husband, Brian Hallisay, operated as an investment banker on wall Street after graduating native Cornell University, despite always being drawn to acting. "It had constantly been a childhood dream to come to be an actor," Hallisay told the Chicago Tribune in 2008. "I additionally liked background and economics, so I gone after them in college. Ns was an invest banker because that a little bit until ns finally determined to pursue acting in Hollywood." Hallisay truly hit his stride in Hollywood as soon as he illustrated the friend of Paris Hilton"s personality in the 2006 movie "Bottoms Up," according to Closer Weekly. Hallisay has also appeared top top "American Sniper," "Revenge," and "Hostel component III."

Most recently, Hallisay starred as the abusive husband that Love Hewitt"s personality on "9-1-1." throughout an interview through TV Insider, Love Hewitt revealed the she has actually been asked around how their actual relationship compares to the connection that their personalities had on "9-1-1." "I have actually a lot of civilization asking me, "we yes, really hope her husband is nothing prefer Doug,"" Love Hewitt called TV Insider.

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"And I"m like... "Do you think I"d simply be walking about in the world if the was the case?" It"s very funny."

In the meantime, Hallisay will certainly be on at sight dad duty, offered the recent birth of his son.