Jennifer Lopez is mom to pair Emme and also MaximilianCredit: Instagram

How many kids does Jennifer Lopez have?

Lopez has actually two kids with former partner Marc Anthony.

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She gave birth to pair Emme Maribel Muniz and also Maximilian David Muniz, ~ above February 22, 2008 in lengthy Island.

Pictures the Lopez and also the pair were common in an problem of people in march 2008 for a report $6million.

Just 3 years later, the pair announced their split and also divorced.

Emme, Lopez's daughter, performed with her in ~ a halftime super Bowl show last yearCredit: AFP or licensors

Emme is now 13 years old and is following in she mom's footsteps as a singer.

She surprised Super key audiences singing alongside her pop star mommy at the halftime show last year

Emme sang a rendition that JLo's fight Let's acquire Loud, donate by a choir of various other young girls.

The 2 then sang Bruce Springsteen's standard Born in the USA.

During JLo's 2019 It’s mine Party Tour, Emme additionally joined her mommy on stage for a power of the 51-year-old’s song, Limitless, from the second Act movie soundtrack.

Maximilian David Muniz


JLo's pair Emme and also Maximilian are now 13 years oldCredit: Instagram

Emme's twin Maximilian hasn't taken to the spotlight quite favor his sister.

He has however, additionally taken a liking come the arts and a video clip of him singing Riptide through Vance happiness was shared on Lopez's Instagram.

Max, as Lopez phone call him, is likewise believed to be be acquisition piano and also voice lessons.


Lopez regularly shares images with she fiance and also his youngsters alongside she twinsCredit: Pic supplied by Tim Stewart News Ltd

After dividing with the twin's dad Marc Antony, Lopez got engaged to previous MLB star Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has actually two children.

The pair announced top top Thursday, April 15, the they have called off their engagement.

"We have realized us are much better as friends and look front to remaining so," they said in a statement.

"We will continue to job-related together and also support each various other on our common businesses and also projects.

"We wish the best for each other and one another's children. The end of respect for them, the just other comment we have to say is say thanks to you to everyone who has sent type words and support," the explain concluded.


JLo and also ARod announced they have called off their engagementCredit: AFP

The announcement comes a month ~ rumors swirled the they had damaged up. The couple denied the rumors at the time.

On march 14, JLo required to Instagram and also TikTok come apparently reference the rumors.

In a video montage she captioned "Sunday brunch playlist," the singer verified some moments from her live performances, music videos and also films follow me to the tune Pretty B---h Freestyle by Saweetie.

At one allude in the video, there to be a tho of countless news headlines, including ones report on the alleged split. Climate the video cuts come JLo saying, "you're dumb."

Additionally, there was cheating speculation indigenous the MLB star with southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy.

Natasha Alexander Rodriguez

Rodriguez married Cynthia Scurtis in 2002, and the pair welcomed their first children 2 years later.

Natasha was born ~ above November 18, 2004, and also is now 16.

Ella Alexander Rodriguez

The former couple's 2nd daughter Ella was born in 2008.

Cynthia offered birth come Ella on April 21, less than three months prior to she filed because that divorce.

Who space JLo's ex's?

Ojani Noa

Lopez was briefly married to Ojani NoaCredit: Rex Features

Lopez was briefly married to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa.

The pair wed top top February 22, 1997, but split less than a year later.

Since then, Lopez has withstood legal challenges about her relationship with Noa, consisting of in 2006 when she sue to avoid him posting a book around their marriage.

Sean Combs

While functioning on she debut album On The 6, Lopez began dating record producer and also rapper Sean Combs.

In December 1999, the pair to be arrested along with two others adhering to a shooting outside a society in time Square.

Lopez was easily exonerated and also had nothing to perform with the incdient.

Combs to be charged with 4 weapons-related charges, but was uncovered not guilty.

Cris Judd

The singer married Cris Judd in 2001Credit: Rex Features

After splitting with Combs, Lopez began to date former back-up dancer Cris Judd.

They wed top top September 29, 2001.

But this also was a quick marriage, as they divorced much less than a year later on in June 2002, citing irreconcilable differences.

Ben Affleck

Just month after divorcing Judd, Lopez became engaged come actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck in November 2002.

They were called "Bennifer" and also quickly came to be a prominent supercouple.

The pair were as result of get married in September 2003, yet postponed the wedding indefinitely just a day prior to the ceremony.

Lopez had twins through Marc Anthony if they were marriedCredit: describe Caption

Following her heartbreak v Ben Affleck, Lopez started a relationship with she longtime friend, singer Marc Anthony.

She married Anthony in June 2004, and also on November 7, 2007, throughout the last night of their co-headlining tour, they couple announced they to be expecting their very first child.

Lopez gave birth to twins Emme and Maxilian in February 2008.

But 3 years later, in July 2011, the pair announced your split and also filed because that divorce in April 2012.

Their divorce to be finalised in 2014, v Lopez retaining primary custody that the twins.

Casper Smart

Between October 2011 and August 2016, Lopez had actually an on-off connection with her former back-up dancer, Casper Smart.

She then uncovered love v former new York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez the complying with year.

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In march 2019, the couple announced your engagement. In April 2021, they announced that they had called off your engagement.